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Anuel AA and Karol G seal their love with the tattoos of their names: Diary Metro de Puerto Rico


The love story between urban music singers Anuel AA and Karol G is going strong, to the point that both have tattoos with their name.

In the photo published by Anuel on Christmas Day, a new tattoo appears in the hand of the Colombian singer. This law EMMANUEL. The first name of the singer is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago.

For its part, the Puerto Rican tattooed the name of Karol G, who is Carolina. "This tattoo is worth more than all the clothes I have," said Anuel AA in the release of the video.

They continue their relationship

On Christmas Day Anuel AA boasted about her relationship with the Colombian singer Karol G.

He has published an image together with the singer and a message in which he appreciates the year he has had. "The most important thing in life is the family, you value your families and your loved ones who are the only ones who will love you against all expectations, no matter what happens," he said.

Furthermore, the artist added "last year I was in prison". In addition, the beggar said that the experience in a federal prison enhances everything you have today.


On the other hand, last November the singer Karol G confirmed the relationship with Anuel AA AA, after weeks of speculation.

The singer confirmed the relationship also through his Instagram account. With the image of both in the snow, he cried out to his four winds his love for the ragpicker, just as he congratulated him on his birthday.

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