Amazon has passed the pilot of The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower cannot take a break. Stephen King’s extensive epic series spent many years in development hell to become a movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, which unfortunately was a critical failure, but hope was renewed when Amazon ordered a pilot for a possible series of Dark tower.

According to Deadline, we will have to wait a little longer, since Amazon Studios has surpassed the pilot of The Dark Tower, starring Sam Strike (Mindhunter) as Roland Deschain and Jasper Pääkkönen (BLACKKKLANSMAN) as the Man in Black. As for why Amazon decided not to advance with The Dark Tower, Deadline has heard that executives “He felt that the pilot was not at the level of other powerful high-genre series that the streamer has in production / preproduction such as Wheel Of Time and The Lord Of the Rings.“The pilot was scheduled to be more faithful to Stephen King’s novels than the feature film, and was said to explain how Roland became a gunman for the first time, how he got his weapons, his first love, as well as his first encounter with the Man in Black While it may be disappointing to see The Dark Tower hit another obstacle, it is always possible for the series to find a home elsewhere.

With regard to the film, Stephen King has already given his two cents for the failure of THE DARK TOWER.

The real problem, as far as I’m concerned, is that they entered this movie, and I think this was a study edict: it will be a PG-13 movie. It is going to be a campaign movie. We want to make sure we reach people from the ages of, say, 12 to the target age. Let’s say 12 to 35. That’s what we want. So it has to be PG-13, and when they did, I think they lost a lot of hardness and it became something that people turned to and said: Well, yes, but it’s really nothing we don’t have. Not seen before.

After seeing what Sony’s plan for THE DARK TOWER was from the beginning, Stephen King tried to express his doubts about the direction they were taking, but it seems they were determined to continue with what they had. “When they really made the movie, I had doubts about it from the beginning, and I expressed them, and I really didn’t get too far,“King said.”Sometimes, when people decide, the creative team that is really going to film the movie is a bit like punching their fists against hard rubber, you know? It really doesn’t hurt, but you don’t get anywhere. It just recovers. And I thought to myself: Well, people are going to be really perplexed by this, and so it was. So there was also some of that problem.

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