Alison Hammond’s anguish as a dear mother dies of liver and lung cancer


Alison Hammond has spoken of her heartbreak after the death of her beloved mother.

The host of This Morning, 45, confirmed the sad news this morning, sharing images of his mother after his death from liver and lung cancer.

Alison and her family put their mother to rest at a private funeral yesterday.

“I am dedicating these Valentine’s cards to my beautiful mother who sadly passed away from liver and lung cancer,” Alison wrote.

Alison’s mother was in the hospital shortly before her death.

“My family and I put my mother to bed to rest yesterday in a beautiful ceremony that I know she would have loved. RIP, my best friend and Angel Vivo, please come to my dreams.”

His ITV colleague, Sharon Marshall, tweeted a row of red love hearts and added: “I love you, dear Ali.”

Alison had not talked about her mother’s health battle in public, although she has since shared a photo of her in the hospital.

Alison with her lovely mother

The couple has always been close

With a yellow T-shirt printed with daisies, Alison’s mother smiles by her hospital bed.

You can see a patient bracelet on her arm, with a pink milkshake on the table in front of her.

Last October, Alison invited her mother to a nice manicure on a day in Birmingham.

Alison and her mother met Jamelia on a mother and daughter’s day last October.

The couple ran into Jamelia and posed for a photo, which Alison shared on Instagram with the legend: “Mom and Me Day! Colliding with @officialjamelia in @jemz_nailz_ love life! # Mothers.”

Alison, who enrolled in the next Celebs Go Dating series, has always been close to her mother, who comes from Guyana.

Recently she talked about how her mother was very involved in her Christmas day, even getting up in the middle of the night to start preparing lunch for the family.

She kept her battle against cancer private

Alison with her mother in the hospital.

“I’ll be honest, I only make the vegetables and the sauce because they don’t bother me. My mother gets up at 2 in the morning to cook a turkey. It’s crazy. I’m not doing that. I need my beautiful dream!” She laughed. to OK! magazine in december.

Alison continued: “[My favourite part of Christmas is] Wake up and see my son Aiden’s face when he sees all the presents. You have ordered Xbox games and a new phone.

Alison and her family rested their mother yesterday

“We all want to update all the time, but until it breaks, you will not receive a new one. However, Santa intervenes, buys what he wants and ruins everything. He sticks my head! Also, I watch movies like The sound of the music and the miracle in [pauses] … is 34? I do not know what it is. Cut that part and just say it’s my favorite. “



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