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Alexandra Revva accused of death Decl – NEWS.ru

Alexander Revva
Anatoly Lomokhov / Global Look Press

Fans of rapper Cyril Tolmatsky, known under the pseudonym Decl, accused the showman Alexander Revva of the "curse" of the musician, which led to his sudden death.

"You have cursed Decl, live with this now", – the rapper fans wrote in the comments on the Revva page on Instagram.

Some also openly threatened the showman and remarked that he ought to "be on his guard for karma," which would surely overtake him.

The reason for the outrage of the fans was a cover version of the famous "Party" of the Decl, which was performed by Revva 15 years ago. In one of the verses there are rules: "Party at Decl & # 39; s house The boys from all over the region came to honor the memory", REN TV reports.

Kirill Tolmatsky died in the 36th year of life due to a sudden cardiac arrest after a concert in one of the clubs in Izhevsk. On February 6, Decla was buried at the Pyatnitsky cemetery in Moscow.

Previously, News.ru wrote that the researchers had interviewed a man to celebrate whose birthday Izhevsk Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl) had been invited. The birthday party Nikita Pantyukhin said that the musician did not eat anything, drank coffee and drank 50 g of brandy.

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