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Agitated Pugacheva spied on Orbakaite and her new husband from behind the curtain

Diva waited in the Kremlin at the premiere of the program Nikolai Baskov "Believe". The artist named Alla Borisovna personally, but she refused – they say, I have a performance with my daughter, I can not. And she came to Sovremennik to appreciate the game of Christina Orbakaite.

At the end of the last theater season in "Sovremennik", the artist entered the play "Two on the Swing", where she replaced Chulpan Khamatova. "There are 40 pages of text, it is difficult, but fortunately I do not have a traditional tour through the country this spring, so I have the opportunity to focus and spend a lot of time on the role," Orbakaite said.

During the premiere she certainly waited for her famous mother Alla Pugacheva. And the point here is not so much a relationship, as in the long-standing friendship of the Diva with the artistic director of the theater and the director of the piece with Christina in the lead Galina Volchek. The star does not try to miss prominent premieres and the director rarely visits Pugacheva. For the children of the singer Harry and Lisa, the artistic leader of Sovremennik is simply the grandmother of Galya.

But Alla Borisovna did not reach the theater until the middle of autumn, when the actors, as they said, were played out, and the performances came down. Granted, she looked at the piece because of the curtains in the box. But she peered and worried about the daughter and her partner. In vain, because Christina is a professional dramatic actress. And in this performance it looks very good!

"I already have three performances on my bill (" Monday after the miracle "in the Gamblers Theater," The Young Lady and a Peasant Woman "at the MN Yermolova Theater and" Danae "at the Variété Theater.-Ed. ), – said Kristina. "Then there was a break at 3 pm – she just did not dare to resume theatrical activity and now, unexpectedly for herself, she returned to the stage."

Besides Pugacheva, Elena Malysheva visited the play with Kristina Orbakaite. Based on her reaction, the game was with actors and the story they told, to their liking.

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