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Act 10 Yellow Vests: how many demonstrators Saturday January 19th in Paris?

On Saturday, January 19 the act will take place of 10 yellow cardigans. In Paris, as in all of France, thousands of demonstrators are expected in city centers, streets, toll roads, roundabouts …

Faced with new cases of police brutality, against demonstrators and against the press, the government is afraid of a revival of mobilization and especially a certain "radicalization" on the ground, with more determined and more edgy demonstrators.

On the various Facebook groups, such as every week, thousands of yellow vests declared themselves "interested" to come to Paris and thousands of others have labeled themselves as "participants" in an event.

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Three fairly important groups appear: "Yellow Vests triumph" (28,000 interested and 4,000 participants), "The million in Paris" (13,000 interested and 2,500 participants) and "Back in Paris!" (20,000 interested and 3,400 participants).

Friday 18 early in the evening we could count on all events that were passed on by the "Angry France" group, more than 116,000 yellow vests "interested" to come and protest in Paris and 19.600 reported as "participants".

Figures that correspond approximately to the predictions of Law 9, Saturday, January 12 last.

Note that the appointment is made at 10.00 on the Esplanade des Invalides. The demonstration was declared in the prefecture. The procession will then leave at noon to reach the Place d 'Italie. Yellow cardigans are also planning to go through the town of Coluche.

Important meetings are expected in the other major cities of France. Especially in Toulouse, where several Facebook events were set up (15,600 "interested" demonstrators and 4,100 as "participants" in the events).

In Bordeaux, the mobilization must also be important: 13,300 yellow vests said "interested" and 2,200 other "participants".

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