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A sarcastic message from Avichai that informs Haifa Wehbe about Hassan Nasrallah on her birthday

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Israeli Army Spokesperson Avichai Adre & Mock Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah & # 39; s demand that his party should give to the party and give a sarcastic message to Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe on the occasion from her birthday. By donating.

"Congratulations Haifa Wehbe, every year and you are a thousand good people, you are known for your support for Hezbollah, but of course Nasrallah is not in my destiny to make it a present for your birthday," Adrei said, via his Twitter. account. He added, "What do you think after Nasrallah's last speech donates to Haifa?", As he said.

Nasrallah called on Hezbollah supporters last Friday to donate money to support Hezbollah when American and European sanctions escalated. He said that donations are a "jihad of money" and that sanctions and placing the party on the terrorist lists are "a war against resistance, and we have to handle it on this basis."

In an interview with CNN in 2013, Haifa Wehbe denied the news about her marriage to the Hezbollah Secretary General. "I didn't marry Nasrallah, who I think is a respectable and wise person," she said, adding that in 2010 she had responded to a man who beats her heart when she sees him. "He is Hassan Nasrallah, but not as a loved one or husband".


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