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A predicted study that will die in Game of Thrones!

You still haven't recovered from the death of Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones. But since season 1, the series has seen the deaths of many heroes …

Game of Thrones has never been this close to the end. The last season officially starts on April 14, 2019, eight years after broadcast of season 1. And one thing is certain, in 8 years you have seen the dead! Romane Beaufort, a statistician and Lucas Melissent, sociologist, led a scientific study of the mortality of the characters in the series.

To predict the deaths Game of Thrones, the two demographers shot at the 398 characters all seasons, including 205 have died… Romane Beaufort and Lucas Melissent note for each death fifty functionsfrom the physical to the place of birth by age or sexual practices. Result? Death does not strike at random in the most viewed series of all time …

So, the more important a character becomes, the greater the chance that he will die. But once we have passed the thirty episodes, the hero becomes almost inviolable. " Not to kill the central characters, we sacrifice those we attach to and who are of temporary importance for the plot Says the two researchers slate.

But demographers have also found some more surprising criteria, such as the physical aspect those at risk of collapse or social status – Gentlemen are 8 times more likely to die than ordinary people. Conversely, people with disabilities are three times more likely to survive than others.

Among the main characters who are still alive, Daenerys seems to have the least chance of survival with a 16.8% chance of dying for Jon Snow at just 1.62%. What is certain is that there will be a bloody confrontation between ice and fire. So can't wait?


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