Home Entertainment A picture of a model explodes in a judicial battle

A picture of a model explodes in a judicial battle

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A supermodel star at the Golden Globe Awards, said she had overshadowed the red carpet celebrities, then found herself stuck in a legal battle with the water company that contributed to her fame.

Kelly Steinbeck, known as Killeth Cuthbert, became known during the night as "Fiji Water Girl".

The story began when Kelly's photos, smiling, with a bottle of water bottles, stood behind a number of celebrities at the Hollywood awards ceremony.

But this turned into a problem between the model and the Fiji Water Company: the 31-year-old Canadian model filed a lawsuit against the water company and its owner (Winder Water) for use as a promotional advertisement.

The model accused the company of using its image, identity and appeal in a global advertising campaign without its approval.

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In a lawsuit, the owners of the Fiji Water Company announced today that Kelly Steinbeck has signed an exclusive one-year contract with her 90,000 US $ 70,000 And he accused her and her agents of being "greedy".

They described the cause as "a clear attempt to circumvent their obligations under the contract," adding that they are now trying to grasp 500,000 Dollar ( 385,000 £).

"Stainbach is fueling the hand he has fueled through his accusation against the company that is fully responsible for giving her the opportunity and the means to exploit the 15-minute fame on the Internet," the lawsuit said.

The model was widely published in January and Kelly received more than one 200,000 He was a follower of Ingram's website and appeared on television.

In an interview with her, after becoming famous, Kelly denied having asked her to ruin the images of the celebrities by appearing behind them and insisted that she was simply doing her job "providing the stars with ;water".

He told a local television channel ( KTLA 5) In Los Angeles: "You have to show well if you have to appear in a picture".

"There's only one camera, there are many cameras that take your picture, no matter where you are," he said.

His legal team described his cause as a propaganda game.

"Kyle will not be harassed by Fiji Water, Windewater or his billionaires," his attorney, Kishya Reynolds, told CBS News.

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