Home Entertainment 6 concerts at the 27th Arab Music Festival in 4 governorates

6 concerts at the 27th Arab Music Festival in 4 governorates

The theaters of the Opera Theater worked at full speed on the ninth night of the 27th Arab Music Festival, and six concerts were held in Cairo, Alexandria, Damanhour and Tanta Friday evening (November 9th).

The events took place at 7 pm in the outer courtyard of the Cairo Opera Theater, where the children and youth of the Talent Development Center, led by Dr. Abdel Wahab El Sayed, received national and national songs.

The Lebanese star Wael Jassar, who participated for the first time at the festival, hosted a concert at the Grand Theater that was greeted by the audience with a warm welcome and a storm of applauses and bouquets of roses. The concert was directed by Maestro Adel Ayesh.The concert began with a national song called "Behabak Ya Masr" With the audience and sung with him and then sung by a collection of his most famous works of passion next to the songs of Arab music is "Strange people, Nakhbi Lih, we have a memory, whatever it says. " He also presented the song "Bahlam Beek" by Abdel Halim Hafez,, "The Last Wound", "The End of One" and concluded the excavation With "strange people" always at the request of the masses, and the ceremony attended by Dr. Ines Dayem, Minister of Culture, Dr. Majdi Saber and President of the Opera.

The opera stars presented a series of the most beautiful songs of the past: singer Rehab Mutawe sang: "O clock of time, I am rich, and I am a shui shui.

The singer Ahmad Effat sang for the nightingale Abdul Halim Hafez, "Khayef Mara Hobab" and "Bad Aye" and also sang with Mohammed Fawzi "Al Shouq" and "Tir Bina Ya Yaabi".

On the stage of the Arab Music Institute, violinist Dr. Hassan Sharara performed a concert accompanied by a six-piece ensemble that played a series of world-renowned operas along with a selection of the most famous works by the late Atiya Sharara.

On the stage of the Republic, Coral presented the children of opera to Arab music with a concert led by Maestro Ahmed Amer, which included a bouquet of traditional songs.

The star Iman Al-Bahr Darwish held a concert at the Sidi Dawish Theater at the Opera House accompanied by the Era National Music Ensemble conducted by Master Hazem Al-Qasabji, in which he sang some of the most beautiful Arabic songs. O Lord, Bilal's ear, the voice of the pen, the uncle of a master, of a hand, of my soul, of my Lord, of my hand, of my soul, of my senses and of the darkness of the night , thorns, thorns, wind. "

It was preceded by a break for opera stars Mei Hassan, Amira Said, Ahmed Said and Ghada Adam, and they emphasized "a strong victory, but I do not cry, we are expensive, your promise and love has been".

At the Damanhour Opera Theater, the Alexandria Opera Orchestra performed music and singing in a ceremony led by Master Abdulhamid Abdul Ghaffar, the first of the opera stars Ayman Mustafa, Amir Rifai, Nada Ghaleb and Mei Al-Jibaili. "Listen to me, honey, people who are seduced, hostile, try to think about it, and Sayyid Habayeb."

The second part, the great singer Mohamed El Helou, lived with a bouquet of the most famous works of heritage alongside a variety of his works that he sang throughout his artistic career: Helmi Nights, Ahim Shawka, Araf, Yahebibi, Al Waseya, Aywa and God, Zezenia, Nights and Nights.

On the stage of the Cultural Center of Tanta, the Suaretta Ensemble of the artist Yasser Suleiman and under the guidance of Maestro Mazen Daraz presented a concert that included a collection of the most beautiful songs of the beautiful time.

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