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& # 39; Maniac & # 39; Review: a tempting ending with many meanings and a powerful message – Spoilers

So many passing moments in "Maniac" eventually come back into the matter and what gives viewers the most weight can affect their last takeaway.

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"Maniac" is a stand-alone experiment. The warping genres, tones and story structure within creator Patrick Somerville and the 10-part limited series by director Cary Fukunaga make it a story that requires closer inspection, while Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill) work together for a moving story that helps to justify the time needed to study it.

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Is it successful? Yes and no, but tending to the first more often. As noted in the spoiler-free talk of IndieWire, Miss & # 39; Maniac & # 39; the finesse to effortlessly convey the deeper meanings, but the onscreen strain is intriguing in itself. At the end of the series, many of the pieces click into place – just not as you might think. The core story comes up, certainly, but few noticeable clues and seemingly idiosyncratic stories (which can be forgotten in the whirl of information) earn callbacks, while other idiosyncrasies are not explained exactly, but they do bind people, memories or special moments on so & # 39; n way to better explain their existence.

Like the clumsy spirit of his characters, "Maniac" is complicated and overlapping. Thoughts bounce around to create strange connections and nice collisions, or, like Dr. Mantleray would say, "an infinite orgy of matter and energy that rub, bump and grind together." All these connections create a seductive bond, not only between the two ends of the story, but also between story and audience. To analyze the results, more than a few questions and a diagnostic printout are required.

Let's try it. Consider this as a proximity test: a cross check of the collected data that helps everyone to make reflections for the last takeaway. The most important thing is to remember: I am a friend, and this is normal.


Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in "Maniac"

Michele K. Short / Netflix

So what happened?

To speak clearly, Owen and Annie overcome their demons. Owen learns to accept who he is and to be satisfied with that person, while Annie processes and continues the loss of her sister. In reality they complete the medicine test, leave the facility and go their own way. Owen, who is still afraid that his brain has got it all done, dissociates himself from Annie for fear of being overwhelmed with another delusion. Annie, who is busy correcting mistakes from the past, goes to her father, who tells her that she needs and deserves a friend like Owen.

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Only then will she search for him and discover her former one dream reflection mat is fixed in an institution. Owen told the truth about his brother's trial (although only because the video evidence proved indisputable) and Jed (Billy Magnussen) followed his promise to classify Owen for crimes serious enough to throw him into a madhouse. But Annie convinces him that what they have experienced has really happened, that he will not mess up their friendship, and that the reality that matters is in their connection. & # 39; You know me & # 39 ;, she says, and when they realize that that is true, Owen gets new clothes and she goes out the door. They drive away with plans to go to Salt Lake City, UT, and see where it goes.

Oh, and as far as Dr. Mantleray? He ends up with Dr. Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) and her bitchin & # 39; car. They do not have work, but he is a little closer to his mother and the talking television hinted that there is a & # 39; personal & # 39; project that they could help with. (This weird plague is even more noticeable when you remember that "Maniac" is a limited series and Season 2 is not a guarantee.) More importantly, although they have destroyed the GRTA (computer), they think their work makes sense. That's nice. After all they have done, the two deserve a victory.

Justin Theroux and Sally Field in "Maniac"

Justin Theroux and Sally Field in "Maniac"

Michele K. Short / Netflix

Has the process worked?

When Owen and Annie end the pharmaceutical research, Dr. Mantleray explains them and says: "It has been a complete success Congratulations You are healed." Of course this is (at least partially) meant as a joke: Immediately after Mantleray tells Annie that she is all better now, he becomes an "idiot "and his project is declared a" waste "by their boss, a" TV from the years "50 with a deep voice and a good sense of humor.

But … was it a waste? Much of that comes down to what you choose to believe. On the one hand, Owen and Annie are better off than before the process began. They approached their real problems in a healthier way after the test. Annie immediately apologized to the receptionist whom she had blackmailed and returned the money she had stolen from her father. She became a better friend of Owen and saved him for a life of doubt and loneliness. Meanwhile Owen did the right thing in court and tried to do good for his own mental health. In the end he is happy, and seeing the real Owen smile (instead of his many different dream versions) is a breakthrough in itself.

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On the other hand, the last shot is eerily reminiscent of "The Graduate," and the diminishing happiness of Ben and Elaine bleeds in the long hold on Owen and Annie. Fukunaga's take takes just long enough to make their big smiles fade into something between the ecstasy of escape and the reality of their unknown future. Owen is, after all, not indisputably healed. He knows himself well enough to realize that his illness will still torment his future relationships; that is why he isolates himself from Annie in the first place. Only after she has assured him that his unpredictable mood swings will not be a problem, does he agree to walk away with her, and like the rest of their lives this can be a temporary blessing for more permanent, lingering problems.

The best version of "Maniac" equilibrates both convictions. A well-founded and realistic takeaway is that these two have experienced a considerable learning experience and have gained a better grip on who they are when it ended. It does not matter if the pills worked from a chemical and neurological point of view, is irrelevant, given how they created illusions that served a similar purpose as therapy. Owen and Annie were forced to confront their problems directly, and as long as they did not fall back, they might forge a happier future. If viewers want to believe in the crazy powers of Dr. Mantleray, they sure can, but even for a series about making the human brain, it's not about telling you how to think.

Maniac - Annie, I'm a hawk!

OK, but What & # 39; s With the Hawk?

From the many peculiarities within Owen and Annie's imagination – the "Lord of the Rings" -like elf world driven by the love of her sister for fantasy films, Owen's vertical mullet + Warren Moon- jersey combination, the bloody gunfight at a fur trader and in a long consulate corridor – Owen turns into a hawk is perhaps the make-or-break moment for viewers. It is when "Maniac" either goes too far or enters another realm of glorious inventiveness.

Of course, the transformation dates from the earlier story of Owen during the family dinner when his brothers remember that he was caring for a wounded hawk. They mocked him, but he clearly loved that bird after he had cared for him for months. All brothers talked about how the hawk influenced them (it ate one of their pets), just like everything they care about with Owen is whether he will embarrass the family or not. So, for Owen to become a hawk to enter Annie's fantasy world, well, that's just as logical as the rest of the show.

Bonus Tip: Do not let the Netflix player skip the credits of the episode. There is a special audiokeu from the first episode that reduces the meaning of the hawk.

Wait, wait: Jed did what?

Ah, yes: the big question teased during the season. Until the end it seemed that viewers would never get a definitive answer about why Jed would go to trial, but then the last episode delivered clear and disturbing video footage about exactly what had happened. Jed pissed on his female colleague. He may have done more than that, but given the length of the video and the telling question that Owen asked during the preparation of the trial – "Have you ever seen your brother act with voluntary or non-consensual urination?" – it seems that that is how he claimed his twisted force.

But what does it all Average?

There are dozens of interpretations to take away "Maniac". In view of the goofy war, Dr. Mantleray against therapy – he mumbles in the welcome video his new treatment will "forever replace old talk therapy" – one might argue that this is passionate argument for the ancient practice. After all, Mama Mantleray (a divine Sally Field) is clearly the smartest person in the room, at any time. Still others might reject the mother / son's story as a strictly personal story about a sensitive boy who overcomes the perceived trauma (or at least overcomes his own grudge of his mother).

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Anyone who strictly watches Owen's journey can get a sense of his quest to be satisfied with himself, instead of looking for a new life around every corner. Others saw an innocent man corrupted by a powerful family. Annie had to deal with her own family issues, learn how to handle her role in her sister's death, and how best to communicate with her surviving parent in the present.

But for the larger themes – the purpose of a soul, the construction of the mind, whether or not happiness can be designed and where it even comes from – the best definition that the series offers, comes from the beginning . "Maniac" wants to be just as useful in switching between all his ideas, themes and shows as Theroux is in balancing the seriousness, humor and awe within the opening speech of Dr. Mantleray. "There would be no life without clashes of celestial bodies," he says, before "going back to our amoeba" and noticing how his own creation might be a coincidence or that it might be inevitable. He goes on to say how all these "forces of nature" demonstrate the "infinite potential of our connections," and "this truth also extends to the human heart."

For Dr. Mantleray and & # 39; Maniac & # 39; as a whole, connections are survival. By showing how these two souls find each other in unimaginable, unimaginable circumstances, the series of Somerville and Fukunaga illustrate how happiness – the meaning of life, some say – is derived from important encounters, ties and constant contact. All that "rubbing, bumping and grinding" does not have to be sexual (it is clearly not for Annie and Owen), but it has to be dynamic, and to love someone else, you must first love yourself. These simple ideas sometimes get out of hand, while the writer and director populate their universe with so many different connections that it feels too chaotic. That may be the point: to replicate the madness of life before the viewers are finally reminded of the simple truth. Connections are important. It can all be of interest, even if so much else overwhelms your world.

Rank: B +

"Maniac" now streams on Netflix.

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