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30 million clicks within a few hours: Eminem's new number breaks all records

has a run, at least the frequency of the current output is impressive. Only a few days ago he released his cork-dry "Kamikaze" album, which many old-school fans currently celebrate as a return of the rapper to his aggro-roots. And now, not surprisingly, he calls a new round of beef with machine gun Kelly – breaking up all records.

Less than 24 hours ago the audio clips were released on YouTube, but "Killshot" was clicked more than 30 million times and licked 1.6 million times. But apart from the figures, the Disstrack is again more artistic proof of the statement that Eminem is not irritated. "That & # 39; s the Real Slim Shady", a user puts it in his commentary under the video to the point. Because the 45-year-old "Killshot" makes a fire on the day he finally agreed after his penultimate album "Revival" a lot.

Eminem: Beef with a long history

And the reason for this is prehistoric times: The Beef with Machine Gun Kelly (short: MGK), a 28-year-old rapper from Houston, Em was the initiator of "Kamikaze". In it he referred to a MGK tweet from 2012, this Eminem & # 39; s daughter had named Hailie Jade "hot as fuck". Eminem had this lack of respect in the song "Not Alike", MGK had opposed with the refined "Rap Devil" in which he asks Eminem, among other things, why he cooperates with a half-old rapper. The clip for the track has already collected a significant 77 million views on YouTube.

Now the answer from Eminem, referring to many Disses of "Rap Devil". The fans seem to like it, the numbers testify – and the reactions already call for it
Record of 50 million views within the first 24-hour break. And even more exciting than the question of whether "Killshot" reaches this milestone: how does machine gun respond to Kelly? Rap fans must always have the popcorn ready these days.

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