Enter the merchandise you want to Mexico without paying taxes, see what can happen


In the Customs Services Portal you can find the complete list of merchandise that you can bring to Mexico

The tax exemption is the merchandise that you can enter national territory (by air or land) without paying taxes, in addition to your luggage.

Paisano, do you want to travel to Mexico, but you don’t know what merchandise can enter and how much is the maximum amount to bring? Here we will explain everything you need to know so that you do not have to pay taxes.

The first thing you should know is that the merchandise that you can enter (whether by air or land) is called tax exemption.

If you enter by plane or ship, the value of the franchise is $ 500 throughout the year.

If you enter by road the value of your franchise is 300 dollars; but, during the Winter and Summer Operation it increases to $ 500.

Each member of your family is entitled to the tax exemption and it can be accumulated if they travel together in the same means of transport.

The only exception is for residents of the strip or border region, their tax exemption is $ 150.

ATTENTION, you must prove to Customs the value of your merchandise with invoices or proof of purchase.

What merchandise can I enter Mexico?

There is a large number of articles that you can enter Mexico, these depend a little on your way of entry.

To avoid confusion, the SAT has a portal that specifies the merchandise that you can enter the country depending on whether you arrive by plane, car or boat.

You just have to select the input method, how many people there are and if they are of legal age and then calculate the taxes.

You can check the page by clicking here.

What items are tax free?

The SAT has a list of the commodity what can you Enterokay to the country without paying taxes and these are.

  • Goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear and toiletries and beauty products, provided they are consistent with the duration of the trip, including a bridal outfit; articles for babies, such as chair, portable crib, stroller, walker, among others, including accessories.
  • Two photographic or video recording cameras; photographic material; three portable equipment for cell phones or other wireless networks; a global positioning equipment (GPS); an electronic agenda; a portable computer equipment known as laptop, notebook, omnibook or similar; a portable copier or printer; a burner and a portable projector, with its accessories.
  • Two personal sports teams are, four fishing rods, three gliders with or without sail and their accessories, trophies or recognitions, as long as they can be commonly and normally carried by the passenger.
  • A portable apparatus for the recording or reproduction of sound or mixed; or two digital image and sound recording or playback and a portable DVD player; a set of portable speakers, and their accessories.
  • Five laser discs, 10 DVD discs, 30 compact discs, three software packages and five storage devices for any electronic equipment.
  • Books, magazines and printed documents.
  • Five toys, including collectibles, and a video game console, as well as five video games.
  • A device to measure blood pressure and one to measure glucose or mixed and its reagents, as well as medications for personal use (in the case of psychotropic substances, the prescription must be shown).
  • Velices, pouches, trunks and suitcases or any other item necessary for the transfer of luggage.
  • A binocular and a telescope.
  • Two musical instruments and their accessories.
  • A tent and other camping gear.
  • A set of hand tools with its case, which may include a drill, pliers, keys, sockets, screwdrivers, power cables, among others.
  • Passengers over 18 years of age, a maximum of 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco; up to 3 liters of alcoholic beverages and 6 liters of wine.
  • Older adults and people with disabilities, items that due to their characteristics replace or reduce their limitations, such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, among others.

In addition, you can import, without paying taxes, up to 3 pets or companion animals that you take with you.

What merchandise cannot I enter?

  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Wrought tobaccos.
  • Automotive fuel, except for that contained in your vehicle’s fuel tank.

Diplomatic luggage

There are some people who are not subject to review by the customs authority, these people are:

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  • Ambassadors
  • Plenipotentiary ministers
  • Business managers
  • Counselors
  • Secretaries
  • Attachés of foreign diplomatic or special missions
  • Consuls
  • Vice consuls
  • Foreign diplomatic agents and officials of international organizations accredited to the Government of Mexico.

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