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From this weekend the exhibition entitled ‘El otro yo’, by the artist Miguel Ángel Pío Vives, exhibited in the corridors of the Park Hotel, in the city of Santa Marta, is open to the public.

During an interview with HOY DIARIO DEL MAGDALENA, its author explained the details of this exhibition, which they will be able to enjoy as well as visitors to the city.

“It has that title because most of my exhibited works deal with the theme of duality and ‘El otro yo’ refers to that; it also works to show another part of me and connect all my works ”, expressed the young artist Miguel Ángel Pío Vives.

‘El otro yo’ is inspired by the department of Magdalena, as it is a place in the country that is highly valued by the artist, which has many landscapes and who also says he enjoys his capital, Santa Marta, for everything he has to offer.

“Since I was little I have always liked art, but since 2016 was when I decided to take it seriously and dedicate myself to it. I studied Dynamic Design at the Florence Academy of Art, and in addition to that I have had an artistic figure accompany me, as has been the teacher Ángel Almendrales ”, said Miguel Ángel Pío Vives.

Until next July 3, the Park Hotel will have its doors open for the general public to enjoy this wonderful exhibition, in which the artist used Chinese ink and watercolor to create his paintings.

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“There are several messages that I want to convey with my work. For the most part they are feelings, longings perhaps for mystery. I think that making art in Colombia as in any part of the world is difficult, but anyway it feels easy when one is doing what they like and are passionate about. I invite you all to visit the exhibition ‘The Other Me’ and to support local art ”, he concluded.


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