England team (women) – Croatia team (women) (15th september 2020), odds & odds


On September 15, 2020 at 21:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the Dragon League championship, in which the local club England team (women) will take on the national championship rival Croatia team (women) at its stadium.

On September 15, 2020, as part of the next round of the national championship, five football matches will be held at once, the most interesting of which is the England team (women) – Croatia team (women). Bookmakers are going to accept pre-match bets until 21:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers are on the side of the England team (women) football club, which has seven victories in the last ten meetings, and this team also has a significant advantage in all statistics of personal meetings between these rivals.

England team (women) – Croatia team (women). WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

Players of England team (women) and Croatia team (women) will enter the football field at 21:00 Moscow time. The fight is scheduled for September 15, 2020, and despite the fact that the last time the teams met only two weeks ago, a lot of things have changed in both teams. In that match, the victory with a score of 3-2 was celebrated by the players of the Croatia team (women), but this time the events may unfold in a completely different scenario. The statistics of head-to-head matches has 38 fights, in which Croatia team (women) has 16 wins, and FC England team (women) has nine.

England Team Women

Since in recent years, the England team (women) football club constantly shuttled between the divisions, no one expected that this year the hosts will be able to demonstrate a good level, and will not be in the relegation zone. There were no significant gains in the summer, but even without them the team shows a well-coordinated game with a powerful attacking potential. The hosts score regularly in each round, which makes it possible to occupy the eighth line in the championship. It will no longer be possible to compete for European cups due to too much lag, but the England team (women) football club does not strive for this, since this season the head coach was tasked with strengthening the team and working on strengthening weaknesses. At home England team (women) does not play much better than away, but still the team does not show too open football at home, and does not forget to go into defense. Today the team has a slight decline, since it has not been possible to win four matches already, and the reason for this may be the personnel situation, because the center forward, attacking midfielder and left winger are in the infirmary.

Croatia team (Women)

Last season, Croatia team (women) won the league title, but this season there is no question of defending the trophy. The head coach began to have problems with many players of the main squad, so there is no longer that played fighting team that crushed everyone last year. The guests occupy only the fourth line in the championship, and the gap from the leader is so large that the team now has to fight only to not miss its place in European competitions. Football club Croatia team (women) plays equally at home and in away matches, and this season the guests only demonstrate reliable defensive play, but the team’s performance has fallen dramatically compared to last year. Recently, FC Croatia team (women) played a series of eight matches unbeaten, but in the last round the team unexpectedly lost to an outsider in their field, having conceded three unanswered goals into their own net. The only loss of the guests is the left forward.

Just two weeks ago, the football clubs England team (women) and Croatia team (women) met on the field, and then the fight did not allow determining the strongest, because it ended with the score 3-3. The chance to find out which team is stronger is provided on September 15, 2020, and the players will enter the field at 21:00 Moscow time. Previously, there were four more meetings between the teams, but they had two draws, and England team (women) and Croatia team (women) were able to win one home victory each.

For the first time in its history, the England team (women) football club managed to go so far in the hierarchy of local football, because previously the team played in regional leagues for a long time, and nothing boded such success. But now it is very important for the owners to gain a foothold in this division, and it will not be easy to do this, given the not very strong composition of the team. Yes, during the last transfer window, two newcomers were bought to close problem positions, but still the level of the other players is slightly inferior to most of the division’s representatives. While England team (women) is not in the relegation zone, but there is only one point before it, so any defeat can lower the hosts to the outsiders. At home, the team plays a little better than on the road, but nevertheless, the debutant’s defense is very unreliable, so the England team (women) football club regularly passes their own gates. The hosts have added a bit this month, as there were two wins and two draws in four rounds. The left-back in the last match twisted his leg, which will not allow him to play in this fight.

After the Croatian team (women) finished in fifth place last year, the head coach was lured away by a richer team, so the guests spend this season under the guidance of a new specialist who does not have much experience in this championship, as earlier in mainly worked with lower division clubs. Not surprisingly, Croatia team (women) is showing weaker results, and the chances of making it to European competition are already lost. The guests are only in thirteenth place, and the team can play out the end of the season, since the remaining matches no longer have much significance. The distance to the relegation zone is twelve points, so the team is not in danger of relegation, but it is hardly possible to rise above the tenth line. In addition, now Croatia team (women) is in mediocre form, having won only one victory in the last five rounds, when there were three losses. Not only did four key players leave the Croatian team (women) during the last transfer window, but the best striker is still injured.

Today is the match England team (Women) – Croatia team (Women) Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Bookmakers, according to experts of our resource, offer not entirely correct odds for a football match in which the England team (women) and the Croatia team (women) will meet. In the bookmaker’s offices, the hosts are the clear favorite of the confrontation, and the bookmakers put too much head start on the home team. Yes, even if the game of the Croatia team (women) team leaves much to be desired, however, if you look at the statistics of the performance of this football club against teams of the level of the England team (women) team, you can see that the guests have never lost with such a handicap outside of their home. not in away matches. Therefore, the main bet on the match between England team (women) and Croatia team (women), our experts see a positive head start on the guests. The total total goals in the match is also slightly overestimated, England team (women) this season does not belong to those clubs that arrange a rout to their opponents, the team is limited to a few goals scored, and then simply does not allow the opponent to attack. The guests do not miss a lot either, but in away games they think more about defense than attack. Therefore, we advise you to play less than the total total goals in the match. But the players of the Croatia team (women) foul a lot, so the individual total of yellow cards of the guests should be flirted for more, and the home team also break the rules a lot, therefore the total total of yellow cards for more – in this match also looks like a promising bet.

In the football match in which England team (women) and Croatia team (women) will take part, our experts suggest many interesting events. We proceed from the fact that both football clubs, which will meet each other, are now in good shape. There are no serious losses in the teams’ lineups, some players are still recovering from injuries, but the clubs have been performing without them for a long time, and they are performing very successfully. Therefore, the absence of these players should not seriously affect the level of the game. Both teams have bright leaders who are not only not afraid to take on the game, but can also lead teammates in critical situations. The match between these clubs will not be the first in their history. The teams meet each other annually in various tournaments. The meetings of these teams are always full of sports struggle, the desire to prove to each other who is the best football club. According to the coaches of the teams, the players will only play to win this match, as they realize the full responsibility of today’s confrontation. Recall that now the football season is in full swing, so the teams do not have time to swing, it is necessary to demonstrate stability and gain points in each match. Otherwise, the chances of getting high places in the standings can be seriously reduced. They are aware of this in the camp of one and the other team, which is why we are waiting for an uncompromising match.

TODAY MATCH England team (Women) – Croatia team (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Football fans have long been waiting for a match in which the England team (women) and the Croatia team (women) will play against each other. Today these two football clubs are the symbols of real football. These teams include famous footballers who make millions fall in love with their game. At the helm of the teams are renowned managers with colossal experience of working with famous footballers and titled teams. In the current championship, as befits the giants, England team (women) and Croatia team (women) are fighting for the highest places. Our experts believe that the confrontation between these teams will become special today, since in case of defeat, one of the rivals will seriously complicate the task of fighting for a high place in the championship. Therefore, in today’s match, both clubs will play only to win, by the way, the team managers have already announced this. It is planned that at the beginning of the match all the players of the base of one and the other team will be present on the football field. Of course, managers can be tricky and hold back the main players by refreshing the game with substitutions. However, our experts do not know anything about this. We believe that this match will be bright and memorable, so we recommend not to miss the game. Our experts made sure that the match was not only spectacular, but also profitable, our predictions for this match can be found below.

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