England: Having become “King in Fulham”, Neeskens Kebano looks back on his unforgettable season


The Congolese international, Neeskens Kebano is, in an interview for the BBC, returned to the season of Fulham, of which he was a major architect in the rise of the London club in the Premier League.

Yet barred since the start of the season, Kebano was the (unexpected) hero of Fulham in the decisive matches. The former Charleroi has not forgotten his poor playing time before the suspension of the championship due to Coronavirus. “Before confinement, I had started a match and for the rest I had just made ends meet. Sometimes I made entries of 4 minutes, 9 minutes … “

Containment as a click of the season for the player trained at PSG; “But after confinement, I started more matches. With more playing time, it gives more chances to score “, he comments.

While waiting for his chance in a team that suffered no talent, Neeskens Kebano, worked, and resolutely saw in every minute on the pitch, the opportunity of a lifetime. His moment having arrived, his coach, Scott Parker could not keep him on the bench. “Maybe he felt it was my moment, that I deserved it with the effort. I never gave up, I always kept on working and I took the opportunity when he put me on the pitch and I kept going. I made my place “, says Fulham number 7.

With 5 goals in the home stretch of the Championship, Neeskens Kebano has played an indelible role in promoting his club among the elite of English football. He is proud of it and does not hide his joy from our colleagues at the BBC. “Fulham finds his place again!” Going straight up like that is a source of pride, relishes Kebano. We had a season which was not perfect from start to finish but we fought like hungry animals and in the end we got what we deserved. This is why we celebrated like crazy ”.

The Congolese, who arrived since 2016, hopes to maintain his rhythm at the end of the season and have the chance to play the most matches in the Premier League and prove his talent to everyone. In the aftermath of the playoff victory over Brenford, the ex-Racing Club Genk was extended for two more seasons, with quite a nod from his club. King Kebano continues, two more years, wrote Fulham on his social accounts.

Isaac Bampendee / Footrdc.com

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