Energy crisis and inflation: Relief for students

Pandemic, rising heating costs, inflation: young people have suffered particularly badly from the corona pandemic in recent years. Rising costs are now affecting people with little or no income in particular. This often includes students and technical students. Federal Education Minister Stark-Watzinger has therefore advocated that young people in training in the relief packages of the Federal Government are taken into account. Also, she has one BAföG reform launched: As a result, more young people benefit from BAföG.

You can read about the most important measures to relieve young people here:

BAföG reform: more money for recipients

BAföG is becoming more modern, more attractive and more flexible: Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger has campaigned for this. That 27th BAföG Amendment Act entered into force in July 2022. Students and pupils will therefore already benefit from these improvements in performance at the start of the coming school year or in the winter semester 2022/2023.

The reform includes, among other things:

– Of the maximum funding amount increases from 861 euros to 934 euros.
– Die age limit is raised to 45 years.
– Die allowances of the parental income of BAföG recipients will be increased by 20.75 percent. As a result, more people can benefit from the funding.
– Of the Housing allowance will be raised from 325 euros to 360 euros. At 11 percent, it is twice as high as the increase in basic needs for living and education costs.

Further details can also be found in our FAQ on the BAföG reform.

Heating allowance for trainees and students (1st relief package)

On February 2, 2022, the cabinet heating allowance decided for trainees and students to receive BAföG or a maintenance contribution from the Advancement BAföG (AFBG). The one-off subsidy is a flat rate 230 Euro.

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You can find more information in our FAQ on the heating cost subsidy.

Energy flat rate for students

Anyone who works alongside their studies (e.g. mini-job or as a working student) and lives in Germany or usually stays there (unlimited income tax liability) gets 300 euros energy flat rate. Federal Education Minister Stark-Watzinger has also campaigned for this. Payment is made through the employer.

One-off payment for students and technical students (3rd relief package)

decided in the coalition committee third relief package sees measures with a total volume of 65 billion euros before. This should also relieve students and technical students. Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger was particularly committed to this.

The Federal Ministry of Education is currently working flat out to implement the agreed one-off payment of 200 Euro to students and technical students. As soon as the details are fixed, we will inform you about them on our homepage.

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