Empower ANSES Work: how to register and get paid $ 18,000 in July

During the first days of July, the payment of the scholarship and an extraordinary bonus will be credited. Find out how to register and who can apply.

The Enhance Work plan is a program that carries out the Ministry of Social Development headed by Daniel Arroyor with the aim of accompany young people in their professional training. Know when it is charged through the National Social Security Administration (Anses).

How to enroll in the Empower Work plan

Registration can be done completely online, by completing the form found on the program’s website or also from the Progresar app. The call will be open until November 30.

However, registration does not guarantee a scholarship since the application will be under evaluation, and must wait for the corresponding administrative processes to be completed. Your result will be published on the program’s website within sixty (60) business days after the registration period.

When is the $ 6000 bonus for the Empower Work plan charged?

In dialogue with Radio del Plata, the official specified: “Promote Work aims at work in construction, textiles, food production and recycling. What we have done is a bonus of six thousand pesos and it is credited in the first days of July”.

In turn, Arroyo added: “My task is to reinforce food assistance on the one hand and generate work. We must have economic rationality with everyone inside, but we are in a difficult context. The original budget we had this year, we have already exceeded it”.

What are the amounts of the Empower Work plan

  • In July, the beneficiaries of Empower Work will receive 12,636 pesos along with the 6000 peso bonus, which will be settled in the first days of the month.
  • In August: the sum scales to 12,960 pesos due to the 3% increase;
  • In September: new increase, which will leave a total of 13,500 pesos;
  • In December: last update of 5%, to be charged 14,040 pesos;
  • In March 2022: 14,580 pesos

What are the requirements to enroll in the ANSES Work Enhancement plan

If you participate in Socio-Productive, Socio-Community and / or Socio-Labor Projects, the requirements are:

  • Join a work group in a Management Unit or an Associated Management Unit in which you carry out any of the following activities: care tasks, recycling and environmental services, construction, social infrastructure and neighborhood and housing improvement, family farming and production of food, clothing production and other manufactures, and popular commerce.
  • Perform activities for an average of 80 hours per month.
  • Accredit the fulfillment of the activities.
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If you are under the Educational Termination modality (completion of primary and secondary studies):

  • Prove that you are studying with the presentation in ANSES of the Educational Completion Form (FOTE), certified by the corresponding educational authority.

What data must be updated to enroll in the ANSES Work Enhancement plan

  • DNI number
  • Date of birth
  • Sex according to ID
  • Gender
  • province
  • Municipality
  • Location
  • Address where you are living
  • Landline or cell phone
  • Email address
  • Preferred form of contact (SMS or Email)
  • Highest educational level achieved


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