Employment and education, among the issues that Barbón will speak about this week in the Asturian parliament


The president of the Asturian Government, the socialist Adrián Barbón, will submit this Wednesday to a new question session of the opposition groups. It will be in the last plenary session of the General Meeting of the Principality of Asturias corresponding to the current session. Barbón will respond to questions regarding employment or education.

“What measures does your Government plan to adopt so that the thousands of Asturians affected during these months by an ERTE do not lose their jobs?” Is the question that the PP spokesperson, Teresa Mallada, will ask. From Podemos, for its part, they will be interested in the actions that the Executive is going to implement to reduce the wage gap.

The IU spokeswoman, Angela Vallina, will ask Barbón about the measures that he will adopt to solve the “serious problems” that have occurred in the Asturian educational field in the course that has just ended.

“What are the priorities of your Government in the face of the summer campaign and for the immediate future of Asturias?”, The spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Susana Fernández, will ask the socialist leader.

Adrián Pumares (Forum) will take his turn to talk about the problem of population loss and the emigration of young Asturians to other territories. “Will your Government adopt new tax measures for the retention and attraction of talent, and direct aid to the birth rate?”, Is the question that has been registered, according to the agenda consulted by Europa Press.

Finally, the spokesperson for Vox, Ignacio Blanco, will ask Barbón to take stock once half of the legislature has passed. “Do you think you have done everything you should for Asturians?” Is the question that he will ask the President of the Principality of Asturias.

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