‘Employ III Jaén’ returns with opportunities for 25 students

Councilor Francisco Díaz highlights that the participants in the program will have a 300-euro scholarship and a certificate that will help them in their job placement

Job opportunity for 25 students from Jaén due to the return of the plan ‘Employ III Jaén’, which will mobilize more than five million euros and has a communication campaign to promote training work and job placement, according to the City Council in a statement.

The project includes the execution of 60 training itineraries corresponding to 25 specialties, which is expected to reach around 800 people. Specifically, after this first phase, a training process is launched, endowed with 1.5 million euros, which will allow participants to acquire knowledge about nursery and administrative services.

“The participants will receive a scholarship that exceeds 300 euros for a training of more than 700 hours and from which they will come out with a certificate of professionalism, which opens the doors for them to enter the labor market,” says the mayor of Employment and president of Imefe , Francisco Diaz.

The specialty “Auxiliary activities in nurseries, gardens and garden centers” will be developed in a theoretical-practical way with the aim that students acquire the skills to carry out operations for the implementation and maintenance of gardens, parks and green areas, as well as to the production and maintenance of plants, being accredited the Imefe to act in different areas of Jaén, such as: the municipal nursery of Vaciacostales, Botanical Garden, Seminario Park, El Almendral, Loma del Royo, Cuesta la Virgen and El Valle.


Díaz recalls that the objective of the action is to train people in a situation or risk of social exclusion, through activation measures and integrated and personalized insertion itineraries, and to adapt the training activity to the profile and characteristics of the target people end of aid. In this line, he stressed that Imefe maintains direct contact with companies, which allows them to know their training needs and offer the city’s unemployed, training adapted to the needs of the labor market.

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It also carries out an analysis and monitoring of the same through the Insertion Table which, as the councilor has said, is a forum that allows coordination and joint work with local entities that work on training and employment. In fact, new training actions are proposed that respond to profiles that are currently in high demand by companies, related to the construction sector and trades such as welders.

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