Emmerdale star drops hints about Amelia’s baby’s paternity

emmerdale Spoiler follows.

emmerdale Star Daisy Campbell has opened up about her character Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy.

Just after Amelia’s key is revealed at an eventful university promenade, the village is enraged, specifically from her father, Dan, who is apprehensive about his daughter having nearer to Noah Dingle.

Regarding the exposure and unavoidable consequences of being pregnant, Campbell stated he makes Amelia come to feel “humiliated”, but that she as well is relieved that the solution has been uncovered.


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“There’s a prom that Kathy and Amelia will be attending. Amelia is going, but she seriously would not want to go because she doesn’t want to present the toddler bump on her dress,” she reported.

“She inevitably gets into a feud with Noah. You will find some drama amongst Noah and Amelia that ends up getting yelled at in close proximity to the village corridor. Amelia feels really horrified.” But she feels a pounds has been lifted from her shoulders. Great.”

“Amelia regrets what her father is aware of. It’s not just Dan there. There are so quite a few other folks there and Amelia is just stunned. The moment was definitely own.” I can talk to my relatives and shut buddies.”



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Campbell also dealt with speculation about who the father of Amelia’s toddler is.

Amelia is seen expanding nearer to Noah, and because Noah is 18 and has a deep historical past with ladies, even though Amelia is only 15, a potential marriage concerning the pair is most likely. It truly is resulting in worry.

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Understandably, it is Dan who’s upset about the romantic relationship. “He’s not pleased at all,” Campbell uncovered.

“He knows what Noah was like to Chloe and Gabby in the earlier. But Amelia is considerably young than Noah, so Dan is protective of her, so he would not get together at all.” .Noah and Dan.”



Even with the pair acquiring nearer, Noah suggests that Campbell, not the baby’s father, is what Amelia needs. [wish Noah was the father] Mainly because the other father just isn’t truly about unless of course you reveal who it is,” she explained.

“Now she has this connection with Noah. He is all-around much more than this other person, so she needs it was him.”

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