Emmerdale Spoilers – Amy and Moira make a posthumous pact

emmerdale Spoiler follows.

After Al Chapman’s death, Moira and Amy made a shocking pact. emmerdale.

The village continues to be in shock after Al’s shooting last week, especially after Cain was confined and charged with murder.

Amy and Moira both know that it was actually Kyle who shot Al in the barn last week. Because he was trying to protect Cain during the quarrel between the two men.

Cain swore his wife, Moira, to secrecy, but Moira shocked her husband earlier this week when she walked out of a prison meeting without promising to keep the secret.


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Travel on Tuesday (8 November) emmerdale It features Amy arriving at the prison during Cain’s visiting hours, where she reveals she knew Kyle was the shooter.

Cain panics after learning that Kyle has already given up the game, so he encourages her to let her son run away to protect herself.

“You must take him away,” demanded Cain. It will ruin it.”

Amy then confides in Moira that she is considering leaving the village with Kyle, as Cain requested during her prison visit.

Moira of Emmerdale


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“I can’t run with Amy,” Moira insisted, adding that if they work together, Kyle can get through this traumatic time and live a “normal life.”

“We just need to be together,” she told Amy.

Amy eventually agreed to stay in the village, vowing, “We will bury the truth and make sure this never gets out.”

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Can Moira and Amy keep Kyle’s secret?

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