Emergency State Aid and Loans for Self-Employed & Businesses


Berlin The corona crisis plunges the German economy into its greatest crisis since the Federal Republic was founded. Quite a few companies fear for their existence. To prevent a huge bankruptcy wave Federal and state governments never been there billion-dollar rescue packages spanned.

But keeping an overview is not easy for the companies. Which auxiliary pot is right for me? What are the entry requirements? What do I need for an application? And where can he put it exactly? Many self-employed people and companies are currently concerned with these questions.

The Handelsblatt wants to help with the search. In this Overview has our editorial team all available federal and state aid programs compiled. From emergency aid for kiosk owners to the smaller digital agency to larger family entrepreneurs who could slip under the federal bailout fund, everyone will find answers to the most pressing questions here – right up to the address where they can submit their help request.

The guide is divided into three main areas: Help from the Federal, of the KfW and at the level of countries.

Federal Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF)

Companies receive financial support from the federal government, including through the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF). The WSF has two tools at its disposal: guarantees for which companies do not have to pay and do not have to repay anything, and participations.
>> We have put together the most important information on the federal rescue package for you here.

KfW special program

The state credit institution for reconstruction (KfW) has launched special funding programs. So far, these programs could only be used for investments. Because of the corona crisis, these programs are now also available for the financing of operating resources or warehouses.
>> We have put together the most important information about the KfW special program for you here.

State grants

In parallel to federal and KfW aid, all federal states also support the economy with comprehensive financial aid. The individual programs vary from country to country, as do the entry requirements and the specific way to apply. Almost all countries offer emergency aid and loans.

We have summarized the most important information for each country:

This is the corona protective shield for the German economy

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