Elvia Barrios brings together dog, pericote and cat –

The candidates for mayor of Lima were summoned by the head of the PJ, Elvia Barrios, who showed them the benefits of the Flagrancia Units to quickly judge and punish common crimes. Very well. Applause.

The seven contenders attended the appointment, but they do not look very cheerful. There is Rafael López Aliaga (Popular Renovation), behind the podemita Urresti with a sleepy face. Elizabeth León Chinchay (FE) half asleep. Gonzalo Alegría turned into Gonzalo “Sadness” due to the complaints made by his son. “Infratutura” Scary Forsyth, Omar Chehade, Yuri Castro…


It was the caviarada that put the now fugitive in the head Alexander Toledo the idea that the treasury, that is to say, we, with our taxes, should pay for the political parties, this with the idea of ​​preventing ill-gotten money from entering -via the big companies- the political parties in order to later collect favors with a vengeance if perhaps they arrived at the Palace.


As at that time it was left as a condition that the MEF it should have a budget for the parties, no economy minister dared to subsidize them. But here it came vizcarra lizard, after betraying PPK, and always under the inspiration of caviar, like the “remarkable” Fernando Tuesta Soldevilla, smuggled his contraband into the 2018 referendum, with this question that was No. 2: “Do you approve of the constitutional reform that regulates the financing of political organizations?” And the Peruvian “huevonaje” voted yes.


Gone are the whims of 2014 when timidly it was proposed to give the parties a whopping S/ 61,779,999 every five years. No one ate this rag. But after the aforementioned referendum of the duo Lizard-Toast everything was already served. That is why the figure for the 2017-2021 five-year period rose to about 78 million soles. If we project ourselves five more years, until 2026, the ONPE calculations indicate that the parties will take the sum of S / 138’461,995.

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After having committed this felony, they cry for the consequences brought by the ill-fated reform that repressed the parties of the capital, with the story of being “traditional”, to favor the fronts and how much movement arose in the provinces, where there is no control of money. dirty be poppy Chota, of the Vraem drug, of the illegal gold of Madre de Dios and Puno, or of informal mining throughout Peru. Opulent regional bourgeoisies with dirty money that have elevated the “basic unionist” and that his first achievement was to have in the Palace an unpresentable like Lizard himself.


Of course it is wrong that the parties are using our resources in private consultancies. But it is a parody or irony in bad taste to read the head of the notables of Vizcarrista’s political reform, Fernando Toast, give lessons on ethics and morals. “How can Tuesta pontificate about the misuse of public resources after how he left ONPE for promoting his partner and losing in the TC (see Exp. 04417-2008)? How does he himself defend the JNE from criticism in the media as an advisor to this entity?”, they write to us. No comment.


Clarification. In the tribute offered by the Lima Bar Association (CAL) to General Joseph Williams Zapata Due to his election as president of the Congress, the Order Speech was given by Dr. Raúl Ferrero Costa, in his capacity as dean emeritus of the CAL, and not his brother Augusto, who cannot participate in acts of a political nature because he is president of the Constitutional Court. Excuse me, Doctors. We already pulled the ears of the goblin who made the mistake.

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On Thursday the 15th, a statement dated 9/9/22 signed by the Political Commission of the Aprista Party on the Vraem and the collaborator with Palacio and Aníbal Torres was published in a local newspaper, Benign Chirinos. Immediately, Mauricio Mulder, president of said party leadership body, denied it from Geneva: “It is an apocryphal statement”; currently “there is no agreement (…) in that sense,” he said.


The pathetic presence of peter castle in the UN is that he has not been able to meet with any Latin American foreign minister. That gives us a very clear idea of ​​the zero prestige of our president, as well as the international isolation of Peru, says Martín Belaunde Moreyra. The chotano went further. He tried to tell another fable similar to the dead chicken from last time… and those who flanked him could not hide their embarrassed faces.

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