Elisabetta Gregoraci dog delicate operation: how is Diva

Elisabetta Gregoraci, fresh from success as a tenant in the latest edition of Big Brother Vip, lived moments of agitation for his dog. Diva in fact, this is the name of the four legs, he underwent a delicate operation on his leg just in the past few hours; the operation seems to have lasted a few hours and the Italian presenter has expressed, through Instagram Stories, all the concern for the condition of her dog.

The TV presenter had already informed her followers, with some stories on Instagram, that the dog Diva would have to undergo an operation on her paw; but, during the hours of the intervention, Elisabetta Gregoraci wanted to share her state of mind and her agitation with her followers. On Instagram, the former gieffina reveals: “Today they are still a bit like that, because they are operating Diva and the operation is not finished yet. Then I am very agitated, I tell you the truth. I am very anxious. After some time from the first Instagram Story, Gregoraci still informs her fans and explains: “Diva is always under the knife and I’m upset, let’s hope everything goes well, fingers crossed“.

How is Elisabetta Gregoraci’s dog doing

The Italian presenter has shown on several occasions that she is very attached to his dog; on the social profile of Elisabetta Gregoraci, in fact, there are several shots that portray the former competitor of Gf Vip in the company of the Yorkshire Diva. Lots of cuddles and cares for the four legs; and as a demonstration of the great affection felt for the dog also the agitation shown for her state of health. But luckily, after a few hours, Elisabetta Gregoraci, visibly more relaxed and serene, gave the good news to her followers: “The operation is over, she is fine and slowly waking up. She will stay in the hospital but I can take her home tomorrow“. Now fans are waiting to see some shots that show the four legs and its owner together and happy.

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