Elections in Michoacán: Carlos Herrera Tello will not know the results of the PREP that give victory to Ramírez Bedolla

Carlos Herrera Tello is at a slight disadvantage compared to his opponent Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The close contest for the Governor of Michoacán has placed it as one of the elections with the greatest attention nationwide. Although with 98.9 percent of the records captured, the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) gives a slight advantage to the candidate of the alliance between Morena and the Labor Party (PT), the “Equipo por Michoacán” announced the ignorance of the first results.

One day after the midterm elections, Victor Manriquez, a member of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in Michoacán, pointed out inconsistencies in the preliminary results. However, beyond pointing out electoral fraud, he assured that organized crime influenced the outcome of the gubernatorial elections. He even pointed out his link with the party championed by the leading candidate.

“For us the link between the official party and organized crime is evident and alarming on election day in the state of Michoacán. Even more serious than today, the president of Mexico, in the morning, recognizes and thanks organized crime for having behaved well during yesterday’s election day. Thus, Today we set a position and say that we will follow our electoral legal line”, He asserted during his speech.

Members of “Equipo por Michoacán” pointed out irregularities on election day (Photo: Screenshot – Facebook / Equipo por Michoacán)

According to the PREP results, with 98.9% of the tally and tally records captured, Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla is at the head of preferences with 654,837 votes, that is, approximately 41.6 points of the total percentage. Behind him is the standard-bearer of the PRI-PAN-PRD, Carlos Herrera Tello, who registers 39% of the total with 614,576 votes in their favor.

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Despite the trend, in the voice of the PAN leader in the entity, Teresita Herrera, they released a list of six points by which, they say, inconsistencies in the election can be affirmed. The first one was that the invalid votes, approximately 55,163, exceed the number of those that make the difference between the two pointers, that’s about 40,200.

His second argument was the supset delay of two hours in the opening of some boxes, as well as the high percentage of absence by its officials. At another point, they claimed that in both federal and local districts, its three political parties outnumbered the victories recorded by Morena-PT, a trend that was broken in the election for a new governor.

Victor Manríquez alleged that the violence did not allow the citizens of Michoacán to vote freely (Photo: Screenshot - Facebook / Equipo por Michoacán)
Victor Manríquez alleged that the violence did not allow the citizens of Michoacán to vote freely (Photo: Screenshot – Facebook / Equipo por Michoacán)

According to the figures shown in the PREP of the Michoacán Electoral Institute (IEM), the “Equipo por Michoacán” alliance has won 12 of 24 local electoral districts, although Manríquez claimed victory in 15 of them. The main rival, meanwhile, has 9 insured districts.

Meanwhile, according to the count of the tally sheets and counting carried out by the National Electoral Institute (OTHER), Eight federal districts were awarded by the PAN-PRI-PRD allianceTwo more were for the alliance between the Green Party, Labor Party and Morena, and the remaining pair went to the president’s party.

In addition, the PRD leader assured that in regions south of Michoacán, such as Tierra Caliente and Salvador Escalante, there were reports of threats and attacks against voters, as well as poll workers. Conversely:

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Where there was free transit and where an election could be held, the results are very evident in favor of the ‘Team for Michoacán’ and in favor of our friend Carlos Herrera Tello. The sample is that eight federal districts are headed by the ‘Team for Michoacán’ and fifteen of the local ones are headed by the ‘Team for Michoacán’ ”, he concluded.


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