Elections banned polls: here are the latest ‘expectations’ Region by Region


The regional elections of 20-21 September are approaching, a very important political test especially for the government, as well as for the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti. Publication of surveys is strictly prohibited by law, but Affaritaliani.it tried to understand what are the expectations of the main political forces in the field, through the ‘expectations’ on the vote.

In Veneto, by all accounts, there is no match. The center-right is convinced that Luca Zaia’s reconfirmation is very certain. And even in the Center-Left and in the Democratic Party they say that it is an impossible match. From the headquarters of the outgoing Governor they are sure to reach and exceed even 70% and someone dreams 80%. The fact is that the only real unknown seems to be the internal challenge between the Zaia list and the Lega Salvini premier, if the Carroccio were according to the embarrassment it would be inevitable for the Lega leader.

Also in Liguria the Center-right is sure of the victory and the reconfirmation of Giovanni Toti, even if not with the proportions of Zaia in Veneto. Ferruccio Sansa, candidate of the Democratic Party and of the 5 Stars (Liguria is the only Region where the government majority is united) still hopes for the coup, but behind the scenes the Dems themselves speak of an almost impossible mission. The League is convinced to confirm itself as the first party, not only in the center-right coalition but also in the Region.

In the Market There is strong optimism in the headquarters of Francesco Acquaroli, deputy of the Brothers of Italy and candidate of the Center-right. The impression, speaking with the exponents of the CDX, is that victory is really close at hand. Maurizio Mangialardi, outgoing mayor of Senigallia for the center-left who has ruled at Palazzo Raffaello for fifty years, is not discouraged and also hopes in the possible split vote by some voters of the M5S who nominates Gian Mario Mercorelli in the Marche.

In Puglia optimism grows in the staff of Raffaele Fitto, MEP of the Brothers of Italy and candidate of the united Center-right. In the League they say they are certain of the victory with the Carroccio who would play first place as a political force with the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement. The outgoing president Michele Emiliano hopes for a split vote by a slice of grillini, who, however, are very focused on Antonella Laricchia’s candidacy and they too, after the visit of Minister Luigi Di Maio in Puglia, hope for victory with the conquest of the first Region. Fascinating game, even if optimism is really growing in the center-right.

In Tuscany the situation, according to the ‘expectations’, everything is open. The Democratic Party and the Renzians of Italia Viva are convinced that in the end Eugenio Giani will win and that as it ended in January in Emilia Romagna there will be no passage of the Red Region to the right. But there is also a cautious optimism in the League that nominates the MEP and former mayor of Cecina Susanna Ceccardi. It is no coincidence that on Friday 18 September Matteo Salvini will close the electoral campaign in Tuscany, where a possible success of the Center-right could be devastating for the Democratic Party and perhaps also for the government. The impression is that the area of ​​Florence and Prato is in Giani’s favor while the Ceccardi is strong especially on the Tyrrhenian coast. Another exciting challenge.

The Campania it is the only region where the center-right, except for unlikely twists, knows that the challenge is difficult. Indeed, very difficult. The charismatic outgoing president Vincenzo De Luca appears very strong indeed, even if the candidacy of the 5-star Valeria Ciarambino could divide the majority. In Forza Italia, a party that expresses the candidate of the Center-right, they still hope for a recovery on the final rush of Stefano Caldoro, but in the League and in the Brothers of Italy the hopes of victory are very few.

In Valle d’Aosta, where you vote with the proportional system, the Center-right is divided: the League runs alone while Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy present themselves with a unitary list. The Democratic Party is in the field with the Progressive Civic Project without any alliance with the M5S. To see who will be the first force in the Region that will then probably enter into agreements with one or more autonomist parties.

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