Elche accuses Fuelabrada of “negligent conduct”


He Elche has asked this Sunday to resolve “immediately” the ‘Fuelabrada case’ and has attacked Fuenlabrada severely for having had a “negligent conduct” and for having altered the competition with “their way of acting”, a criticism to which the Madrid team has replied with the warning of possible “legal measures” against the Alicante club.

“In relation to the events of recent days and the non-definition of a date to dispute the promotion playoff to LaLiga Santander, from Elche CF we defend that this case has to be resolved immediately, since there is a clear detriment both now, that we do not know the date to compete, as well as for the sports planning of the next season, “says the franjiverde team in a statement.

For Elche, “there are four teams seriously affected“for this situation generated since last July 20 when the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada and the promotion phase to which he aspires to currently occupy sixth place and wait for the game to be lost to Fuenlabrada is blocked.

In this sense, he warned that “he is putting the health of his staff at risk, training without knowing the date to compete, and increasing the risk to which he is exposed every day,” and wanted to acknowledge “the tremendous effort” that the players are making and coaching staff.

“It can’t be that the offender is the main beneficiary“said the club chaired by Joaquín Buitrago.” The offense of CF Fuenlabrada is blatant, so relevant and evident that there is no need for further evidence. He even hid the cases, according to his own statements. CF Fuenlabrada’s conduct was negligent and now becomes borderline with fraud and obstruction of the investigation of the case. In addition, his way of acting altered competition and sports order, “he complained.

The ‘Fuenla’ feels victim

The CF Fuenlabrada responded to these accusations and regretted the statement from the green team. “We reserve the right to take legal action for the accusations that pour into it in which they point us as the ‘offender’, speak of ‘negligent’ conduct and even bordering on ‘fraud’, when the Competition Committee of the RFEF and the LaLiga Social Discipline Judge have stated that there are not enough indications to indicate this, “he warned.

“On the other hand, to emphasize that CF Fuenlabrada did not act in such a way that it adulterated the competition as the club from Elche points out. We want to remind Elche CF that, if it considers that the competition was adulterated for not playing all the games at the same time, it should submit your complaint to the competent sports institutions that made the decision (RFEF, LaLiga and CSD)“added the Madrid club.

This, in any case, also offered his “understanding with the players and coaching staff of Elche due to the fact that there is still no solution to a problem generated by a global pandemic which, unfortunately, has affected different categories of our soccer”. “A problem of which we (and many other teams) are also victims and of which we understand that the only possible solution is for the 42nd day to end with the dispute of RC Deportivo-CF Fuenlabrada,” he said.


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