El Telégrafo – Education: There will be no losses of the year in Sierra and Amazonia

The Costa regime?

María Brown Pérez explained that the situation is being evaluated. Before the media he said:

“The diagnostic work will be essential to know the acquisition of skills and abilities.” (…) “We are not at a time where it would be pertinent to demand a high academic level under any circumstances or that a measure of making students repeat is beneficial.”

The measure that no student will miss the school year remains in force since the implementation of virtual classes due to the spread of the coronavirus. Similarly, for students who are in the third year of Sierra y Oriente high school, they must complete a degree project that replaces the final exam. The work will contribute with 20% of the degree note, 70% corresponds to the academic record and 10% to student participation.

Face-to-face classes?

As of June 7, it began with the National Plan for Educational Development, which has the objective of promoting autonomy and flexibility in the educational system. According to Brown, there are 15,135 return plans; 1301 of those plans have already been approved and are being implemented.

The end of the school year in the Sierra y Oriente regime is expected to be June 30. The schedule of the Ministry of Education stipulates the following dates:

June 24-30: second semester evaluations

July 1 to August 31, 2021: student vacation

1st of July: course joints

July 2nd: posting notes

Recovery classes for students who attend supplementary: July 5 to 19

Supplementary exams: July 20-23

Supplementary meetings: July 26

Teaching holidays: July 29 to August 17

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Remedial tests: August 18-20

Grace exam: August 27


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