Cautions and Prohibitions at Concerts

Regardless of the place of application or purchase, we will assume that you have agreed to the details of cautions and prohibitions posted here before purchasing tickets.
The organizer will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur due to cautions, prohibited items, or other acts that violate the regulations.
Also, if you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be forced to leave the venue or the performance may be canceled.
Thank you for your cooperation of everybody.

  • * Due to changes in the situation due to the new coronavirus, some of the contents may be changed.
    Please note.
■ About admission tickets
  • ・All tickets will be mobile electronic tickets on the “ticket board” (no paper tickets).
  • ・All visitors are required to register for the “ticket board” (free).
  • ・Although it is not necessary at the time of application, companions can also register as members of the ticket board and use the application for admission before ticket issuance.[LIVE QR PLUS] You will need to download an app (an e-ticket app that uses a QR code).
    * Used until 2021[LIVE QR]Please note that the app cannot be used
  • ・When entering, all visitors, one per person per ticket[LIVE QR PLUS]A smartphone with the app downloaded and a designated ID is required.
    If you do not have it, you will be refused entry.
  • ・[LIVE QR PLUS]Please check the ticket special site for how to download the app.
  • ・The designated ID will be the content posted on the official website.
  • ・It is not transferable at all, and admission will be refused if it is discovered. We cannot refund the ticket fee.
  • ・Please be sure to come in person who applied.
  • If you are not the person who applied, we will refuse admission.

  • ・For accompanying persons, please be sure to visit the person who received the ticket from the applicant.
    If you are not the person who received the distribution, you will be refused entry.
■ When applying for tickets
  • ・After applying, agree to receive e-mail magazines about Eikichi Yazawa, agree to the terms of membership of “ticket board” including the provision of personal information to third parties, and the content described on the official website of Eikichi Yazawa and the application page. We will assume that you have registered and applied for the above.
  • ・In the case of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held. Please note that tickets cannot always be obtained.
  • ・Cancellations, refunds, and resale of tickets are not possible after purchase.
    *Regarding the trade system just before the performance, details will be announced on the official website as appropriate.
■ There is a student discount system(A seats and standing room are not eligible)
  • ・This is a system in which a part of the ticket price will be refunded at a later date only to those who have confirmed their admission record and student discount eligibility by applying online from the dedicated reception URL for the performance you attended.
    *Part of the ticket fee will be refunded at a later date to those who have confirmed the admission record and the content of the application.
    * Even if a child using the student discount system does not have a smartphone, it is necessary to register as a ticket board member (free) in the name of the child.

[Target seat type]
SS seat・S seat
*Seat A and standing room are not eligible for the student discount system.

Date of birth: April 2, 2000 or later

[Things to prepare at the time of application]
At the time of application, the following information and an image of your student ID card or ID card are required.
● Ticket board customer number of the ticket purchaser (applicant)
●Customer number of the ticket board of the person applying for the student discount
*Your customer number is listed on your ticket board My Page.
My page is here: https://ticket.ticketbo.jp/session/login.html
● For those who apply for student discount[1]student ID and[2]Image data of ID card
[1]Student card
[2]Identification card[driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, my number card, basic resident register card, residence card, specific permanent residence certificate, physical disability certificate, mental disability health and welfare certificate, rehabilitation certificate 1 point/copy Impossible]
※[1][2]both required
* If you are an elementary school student, please prepare an ID card that can confirm your age.
*For high school students and younger, we only accept student ID cards.
*If you are a high school student or younger and do not have a student ID card, please bring your ID card.
*If the school does not have a student ID card, please prepare a document that can prove your enrollment (such as a copy of a student visa) and an ID card.

[Refund amount]
●College students: Uniform seat type: 3,500 yen (tax included)
(Date of birth: April 2, 2000 to April 1, 2004)

● High school students and younger: All applicable seat types: 4,500 yen (tax included)
(Date of birth: April 2, 2004 to April 1, 2016)

[Reception method]
Apply online
Please apply from the URL that will be provided at a later date.

【Reception time】
Until 23:59 the day after the performance
*Please note that you cannot apply after the deadline.

[Procedure details]
After confirming that you are eligible for the student discount with your designated ID, you will be required to follow the necessary procedures for refunds at a later date. Refunds will be made at a convenience store after the performance or by bank transfer.
Details will be sent by email to those who have purchased tickets from the ticket board.If you have specified a domain, please set it so that you can receive emails from “ticketbo.jp”

■ Age limit
Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

■ Denial of entry for alcoholic beverages
・Entrance after drinking is not permitted.
・You may be asked to drink alcohol before entering the venue.
・We will not refund the ticket fee if you refuse to enter, and the ticket will be invalid.

■ Prohibition of auction/resale and refusal of admission
・There are no paper tickets. Resale of ticket rights is prohibited regardless of the amount or reason.
・Tickets that have been auctioned or resold even once will automatically become invalid regardless of whether the sale was successful or not.
Also, please note that we may suspend or cancel your membership.
・In addition, resale is not limited to auctions, but all tickets obtained through other than official routes (ticket boards) such as “ticket shops”, “flea market sites”, “scalpers”, “SNS”, etc. are for commercial purposes. We will invalidate the ticket.
・Telling your “ticket board” user ID/password information to others (including family and friends), pretending to be someone else with someone else’s user ID/password, changing the name of your member information, etc. I will refuse.
・Invalidated tickets will be invalidated according to the terms of use and will be asked to leave regardless of the reason for the exhibitor or purchaser.
・Invalid tickets will not be refunded.

■ Precautions and Prohibited Matters for Carry-on
・Please cooperate with the luggage check at the entrance.
・It is strictly prohibited to bring and use photography/recording devices (cameras, binoculars with a photography function, recorders, video recording devices, etc.) into the venue.
*Since there have been multiple cases of voyeurism using binoculars with a shooting function, please note that if you use binoculars in the venue, the staff may check the equipment you are using.
・It is strictly prohibited to bring in alcoholic beverages, dangerous goods, etc.
・Plastic bottles can be brought into the venue, but we may check the contents of those that have already been opened.
・It is prohibited to bring in or use objects that emit light, such as laser pointers, penlights, and psyllium, as they interfere with the performance effect.
・If you find anything brought into the venue as above, it will be confiscated and your ticket will be invalid and you will be asked to leave.

■ Precautions and prohibitions in the hall
・Please note that re-entry is not permitted.
・People who wear clothes that intimidate others are not allowed to enter.
・Photography is strictly prohibited inside the venue and in the audience area.
・Please refrain from viewing from the aisle as it will cause inconvenience to other customers.
If you do not stop, we will dispose of you.
・Please refrain from cheering during MCs and ballads, singing loudly, etc., as it may cause inconvenience to other customers.If the staff judges that it will interfere with the performance, you may be asked to leave. 。
・If you apply for 2 or more tickets, due to the structure of the venue, it may be unavoidable that you will be seated across the aisle or in the front and back seats.
・Please note that videos and photos inside and outside the venue, including the audience seats, may be released for production reasons.
・Please note that the inside and outside of the venue may be reflected when video is recorded or broadcast live.
・If you find someone drinking in the venue, you will be immediately dismissed and the ticket will be invalidated on the spot, and no refund will be given.
・Please refrain from smoking on the street outside of smoking areas, including around the venue.

■ Precautions and prohibitions outside the venue
・Especially in the vicinity of the venue, it is prohibited to act in a manner that may cause inconvenience to local residents and surroundings.
(For example, littering garbage or cigarettes, parking on the street, waving flags, shouting or calling Ei-chan in a group, etc.)
As it may cause trouble for general users, we will refuse admission if we discover these acts.
・Photography of the artist is strictly prohibited. Equipment will be confiscated if filming is found.
・Products sold outside the venue are illegal products that significantly infringe on the artist’s rights.
Please do not buy it.・Waiting for entry and exit is prohibited.

■ Wheelchair spaces
・If you wish to use the wheelchair space, you must apply using the wheelchair-only application button at the time of application.
Please note that if you have not applied in advance, we will not be able to guide you.
・On the day of the performance, proof such as a physical disability certificate, a mental disability certificate, a rehabilitation certificate, and a doctor’s certificate will be required.
・Up to one attendant who has a ticket can watch the performance with you, but we basically ask that you be seated.
・Please note that if there are many visitors in wheelchairs, the person accompanying them may be asked to view in the normal seat of the winner.
・Please note that the content of the information may differ depending on the venue and the situation on the day, so please follow the instructions of the staff on the day.
*Please note that the wheelchair space does not guarantee visibility of the stage.

■Other important precautions and prohibitions
・If the performance is canceled, postponed, changed, or for other reasons, the ticket may be invalidated and a refund may be issued.
・If the performance is canceled or postponed, we will not compensate for travel expenses.
・Since the response to the cancellation or postponement of performances differs for each performance, we will inform you when necessary.
・Please use public transportation as much as possible, as parking and bicycle parking spaces are limited at each venue.
・Please be sure to inform us of these precautions and prohibitions, as we will consider them to agree.

About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases
  • For this performance, we will take measures in line with the government and local government guidelines for new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures, and all the performers and related parties will strive to take sufficient measures against infectious diseases.
    In order for all visitors to participate in the event in a safe state, please be sure to carefully read the following information and precautions, and cooperate in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Due to changes in the situation caused by the new coronavirus, some of the contents of the guidelines may be changed.Please note
・We are not responsible if you are infected (we will inform you of the venue where the infected person appeared)
・Please cooperate with the pre-registration of the new coronavirus contact confirmation application “COCOA”.
・If you have a terminal (feature phone) that cannot install “COCOA” or a non-compatible smartphone, you will not be able to enter.If we cannot confirm the installation of the app, we will refuse admission.

Please download[COCOA]from the link below.
Google Play

App Store

・The number of seats may change due to the new coronavirus infection situation and changes in government and local government guidelines. (Tour postponement, cancellation/increase or decrease due to government measures, etc.)
・Even if you purchase 2 or more tickets, you may not be seated together with your companion.
・Other passengers may be seated between you and your companion depending on the seat settings.
・If a customer who attends this performance is infected with the new coronavirus, and if there is a request for disclosure of information from the local government or public health center, the “YAZAWA CLUB” and “mobile site E. YAZAWA” and “ticket board” membership information may be provided.
・When purchasing tickets, please refrain from coming from afar as much as possible to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

[Requests when visiting]
Please refrain from visiting if you have any of the following symptoms
・At least 37.5 degrees on the day of the performance
・Headache, fever, joint pain, sore throat, difficulty breathing, malaise, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal taste and smell
– Has been tested positive for the new coronavirus
・There is a suspicion that a family member or someone close to you is infected
・There is a close contact with a person who has been tested positive for the new coronavirus within 7 days of the performance date
・There is a close contact with a resident of a country or region that has traveled to a country or region where the government has imposed immigration restrictions or an inspection period after entering the country within 7 days of the performance date.
・Currently, the doctor has instructed me to stay at home.

[About measures against infectious diseases at the venue]
・Please wear a non-woven mask at all times, regardless of whether you are inside or outside the venue.You cannot enter with only other masks (urethane masks or cloth masks).
・Please refrain from shouting loudly or shouting “Ei-chan” while watching the performance. Please refrain from chatting with customers as much as possible to prevent splashing.Please support the artists with applause, not with your voice.
・Be sure to disinfect your hands when entering.
・In order to ease congestion, we will be closed after the performance. Please wait in your seat until instructed by the staff. (Details will be announced at a later date if restricted entry is to be established)
・When entering the venue on the day of the event, please avoid crowds based on the consideration of local residents and alleviate congestion around the venue, and keep a sufficient distance when moving around.
・Waiting for entry/exit is prohibited.
・We will decline gifts and flowers.
・Please be sure to watch only in the designated seats.
・Eating and drinking will be restricted in the audience seats and lobby.
・If you feel unwell during the performance, please let the staff know immediately.
・After the performance, please go home promptly without staying in the vicinity of the venue.

If you do not comply with the above, you may be forced to leave the venue.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that Eikichi Yazawa’s concert will be a wonderful one.

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