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The Eiffel Scholarship Program for the most outstanding students was established in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the program is to help French universities attract the best foreign masters, engineers and graduate students in the face of ever-increasing competition between developed countries.

To receive a scholarship, you must apply to the selected higher education institution. In case of a positive decision, the educational institution will send your application to the organization that decides on the provision of Eiffel scholarships.


  • engineering sciences (master’s level);
  • engineering, exact and natural sciences (postgraduate level);
  • economics and Management;
  • law and political sciences.

Program Benefits

The Eiffel Scholarship provides the following opportunities:

  • master’s degree: scholarship in the amount of 1 181 euros; study period from 12 to 36 months;
  • postgraduate studies (writing a dissertation under the joint supervision, these in coguardianship): scholarship in the amount of 1 400 euros; training period – 10 months.
  • fare payment;
  • payment for university registration and social insurance;
  • provision of a room in a university hostel;
  • assistance in the purchase of scientific literature (approximately 300 euros per year);
  • cultural and sporting events.

Requirements for candidates:

  • age should not exceed 30 years for master students and 35 years for graduate students;
  • the application for a scholarship is submitted by the French university in which the candidate enters.


  • Eiffel Program Handbook for the 2019-2020 academic year in the format PDF.


The selection is carried out by a commission consisting of three committees. (according to specialty). The commission takes into account three criteria:

  • brilliant results of the candidate in terms of his academic performance at the university;
  • the international policy of this university, the events held in these geographical areas;
  • cooperation policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, priority for developing countries.
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Dossiers with the highest scores are accepted. Thus, the commission draws up the final list of selected candidates and publishes it within a week from March 20, 2017. The list of laureates is posted on the website campusfrance.org.

Laureates receive scholarships for the entire period required to obtain a diploma (Master’s or PhD), provided that the student agrees with the requirements of the university for each course of study.

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