Egypt confirms Mohamed Salah as possible rival of Mexico in Olympic Games

The coach of the African team said that the only reinforcement for the Olympic Games will be Mohamed Salah

The technical director of the Egyptian Olympic Soccer Team, Shawky Gharib, assured the presence of Mohamed Salah, Liverpool striker, at the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The only older player who has been chosen is Mohamed Salah. He is one of the three best players in the world ”, assured the strategist.

This opens the possibility for the Under23 Mexican National Team, led by Jaime Lozano, to face the main figure of Liverpool by Jürgen Kloop at the next Olympics.

The Mexican team was the last team to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The team led by Jaime Lozano is now preparing for the draw that will take place on April 21, in which the national team will meet their rivals for the summer joust.

Among the teams qualified for the Olympic Games are: Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Spain, France, Romania, Ivory Coast, Egypt and South Africa.


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