Egelsbach Music Summer: A touch of festival

A well-rehearsed team: the musicians (from left) Ellen, Tobi Vorwerk and Luger are friends and play the concert partly together, partly solo. The stage sofa contributes to the cozy “living room atmosphere”.

© Kegler

A mixture of excitement and joy passes through many people on the Egelsbacher Kirchplatz on Saturday. Despite the cancellation of the big “Raus ausm Keller” music festival, the Association for Youth Social Work and Youth Culture Promotion Rhein-Main eV (JUZ) created a certain atmosphere.

Egelsbach –Three concerts in the open air are supposed to create a worthy replacement this year at the “Egelsbacher Musiksommer”. “Last year we unfortunately ran after the incidences and measures,” says the deputy head Robert Hoppe. “That’s why we canceled our festival at the beginning of the year and preferred to plan small and safe concerts with appropriate hygiene concepts.”

The start of this mild summer evening on the church square will take place with three solo artists. Many benches and chairs are placed in a semicircle at prescribed intervals, and there is a small sofa on the stage. Ellen Janiel from Langen, Luger from Frankfurt and Tobi Vorwerk from Darmstadt take turns on it. The three friends have known each other for a long time and like to play their favorite songs together. Therefore there are not three different sets, but a colorful mixture of solo performances, mutual accompaniments or numbers with all of them. From well-known pop covers to your own compositions or a spontaneous “Four Chord Song” medley, there is something for every music lover. “We are really happy to finally be able to play gigs again,” said Tobi Vorwerk triumphantly. After a small appearance with the same cast the evening before in Darmstadt, it is only the second real concert for him in over a year. “It feels like you’re finally waking up from a long hibernation.” The audience, who spread all the way to the opposite wall, happily sing and clap along – for many it is also the first concert in many Months.

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The next two events of the music summer are planned on the grounds of the Friends of Nature: on July 24th with the Langen artist Jonas Fisch, the rascals from Egelsbach and the band Missprint. “In addition to well-known singer-songwriters, we also want to offer young people and bands the opportunity to have a stage,” says Hoppe. Therefore, in addition to the Frankfurt cover band Everglow Sessions and the big band from the Langen Music School, two newcomer bands will perform at the final concert on September 11th.

From Moritz Kegler

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