EEG: Pancho Rodríguez was confronted for saying that being in the warriors is easier

Pancho Rodríguez’s statements for You are in all took their toll on EEG

Photo and video: América TV

Pancho rodriguez He declared over the weekend that being part of the warriors is easier and his words “took their toll” on the recent broadcast of Esto es guerra (EEG).

“I said it because here you don’t feel the tension that you feel in the combatants, people are calmer and things flow better,” said Pancho.

The Chilean continued to explain the expressions expressed in the Saturday program and said that he referred to the fact that “the warriors are the owners of the house” and therefore, there is a certain advantage.

What were Panchito’s statements? “Being in the warriors everything is easier, there is the conceited one, there is Pato”, said Pancho Rodríguez.


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