Educational Seminar How to Decide Which School You Want to Take for the Junior High School Entrance Examination: Cram School Lecturer Yasushi Abe [マイベストプロ東京]

For parents of elementary school students on 6/18
We held a seminar on how to choose a school for junior high school examinations.

A cram school with 39 years of experience in Tabata
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First of all, Mr. Iikura gave a greeting and explained today’s flow. Make a back-calculation plan for the exam. I talked about thinking about entrance exams and thinking about what to do by when. In that process, we will make effective use of the mock exams. After taking a mock exam, analyze the results and make sure to review each time to fill in your own weaknesses. I focused on the story that it is important to make the necessary preparations toward the goal.
Especially when will the exam start? How much ability do you need? Since it has been decided, you can make the slope toward it gentle by preparing early. In that sense as well, I think that if you decide on a schedule that goes back from February, when you actually take the test, you will be able to take the test in an advantageous way.
Next, Lecturer Aizawa talked about the points of taking an examination (examination) for public and private junior high schools. In private schools, there are more specialized exams such as programming, integrated exams, and English deemed exams, from 2 subjects and 4 subjects of arithmetic, national, science, and company.
The number of types that cannot be dealt with by conventional study has increased. If you are studying in a metropolitan integrated school, you need to be able to properly write the process of getting an answer.
We handed out the sentences that the students were actually reading and asked them to do the work of reading in one minute. It is a print of 400 characters. It will be necessary to read 500 characters in one minute in order to take enough time to answer the exam.

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Finally, Professor Iikura will once again talk about the criteria for deciding which school to take.
The number of examinees has been increasing in recent years, and it seems that last year was the largest number of examinees after the bubble.
In line with this, private junior high schools have also introduced a number of examination methods. There are various schools, so it’s easy to wonder which one to choose. Therefore, we have prepared three criteria, and we hope that you will use them as a reference when deciding which school to take.
1: Choose by academic ability.
This is an academic ability examination in the sense that it looks at the university. In many cases, the school to be examined is decided with the goal of advancing to a university of GMARCH or higher, and in fact, many public integrated schools have passed 100 or more students to schools of GMARCH or higher.

2: Choose a private junior high school as compulsory education.
This is the way to take the exam, which has been increasing rapidly recently, but it is a case of choosing a private junior high school as a place to study for 6 years of junior high school and high school with the same members. It is often selected based on the desire to have students study in a high-quality environment, and there are many popular private junior high schools around Kita-ku, Arakawa-ku, and Bunkyo-ku.
It should be noted here that if one person has passed multiple universities, the total number of students will be “8 schools passed by 1 person = 8 people passed”. It is important to look at the school with your own eyes and make decisions without taking too much of it.

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3: Choose based on strengths that public schools cannot do
The last is the selection based on the core request.
・ A school without swimming classes is good
・ I want to play tennis from junior high school
・ I want to do archery
In some cases, private exams were selected in order to realize things that are difficult to achieve in public junior high school.

We have introduced three criteria, but in the end it will be taken at the discretion of the family. We hope that you will decide on an examination school based on the judgment of your parents.

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