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It’s a matter of money to be associated with single mothers. If you only care about the cost of living in old age, there are some unexpected pitfalls. Yoshihiro Nagao, a financial planner, says, “First of all, simulating what kind of life you will have in the future is a clue to solving the problem.”

* This article is written by Yoshihiro Nagao, “My old age, my pension, is it okay as it is? please tell me. ](Kawade Shobo Shinsha) is a partial re-edited version.

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Simulate the “money” of a single mother

No worries about single mothers. The problem of children’s educational expenses is increasing, and it is not the only problem. If it is expected that the life of one person will continue as it is, various troubles such as money for old age of living alone and problems of long-term care are waiting for us.

It seems that many single mothers have a lot of worries, but especially when it comes to money issues, I don’t know where to start. First of all, if you try to simulate what kind of life you will be in the current situation, it may be a clue to solve the problem.

If you know how much you need, it will be easier to take measures. For the sake of clarity, let’s give an example.

Single mothers should prioritize “preparing for college education”

Child B (41 years old) is a single mother who works as a full-time employee. The child is 10 years old. Let’s simulate her annual income of 4.2 million yen (350,000 yen per month). Let’s think about the current situation and future measures for Mr. B.

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For child B, the first priority is the cost of education for the child. The most expensive part of education is when your child goes to college. In other words, you will need a lot of money in a few years. You will need money for old age about 25 years from now.

So how much should you prepare for your child’s education?

According to the Japan Finance Corporation’s “Fact-finding Survey on Educational Expenses”, it costs about 810,000 yen to enter a university and 1.5 million yen every year, so the total amount for four years from admission is about 7 million yen. (Private liberal arts) It takes. It will be much cheaper at a national university, but if you enroll in a private science department, it will cost more than 8 million yen. If you decide to study abroad or repeat a year, you will need more money.

Currently, my child is 10 years old, so after 7 to 8 years, I will need a lot of money such as university entrance exams and entrance fees (unless I am a ronin).

Only eight years are left to prepare for education. Make a plan to prepare a certain amount of money.

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