Education workers must return to provide services in person

Within the framework of school attendance arranged for the second semester of the 2021 School Cycle, which includes the normal teaching of classes at all levels and modalities of the Educational System, under strict biosafety protocols and health recommendations provided in the Regresar Program, the Ministry of Education informs that, according to the provisions of RES No. 0682/5 (MEd), the Teaching, Administrative and Auxiliary personnel who provide services in educational establishments dependent on the provincial educational portfolio and were under exemption from attending their workplaces, must provide services in person in their respective institutions. These are those workers who have received the complete vaccination schedule designed to generate immunity against Covid-19, after 14 (fourteen) days of inoculation.
The following will be exempted from the provisions:
1.People with immunodeficiencies

• congenital, functional or anatomic asplenia (including sickle cell anemia) and severe malnutrition. • HIV depending on the status (• People with immunosuppressive medication or high-dose corticosteroids (greater than 2mg / kg / day of methylpredone or more than 20mg / day or its equivalent for more than 14 days).
2.Oncology and transplant patients:

• With oncohematological disease up to six months later or complete remission. • With solid organ tumor under treatment. • Transplanted solid organs or hematopoietic precursors.

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