Education: there is grumbling at the Françoise de Tournefeuille high school because of the non-replacement of an absent teacher

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Parents of students from the Marie-Louise Dissard Françoise high school in Tournefeuille are stepping up to denounce the absence of a French teacher, still not replaced since last November.

A recurring subject in Haute-Garonne, the problem of replacing absent teachers in secondary education is coming back to the fore. This time, it is the parents of students from the Marie-Louis Dissard dit Françoise high school in Tournefeuille who express their fed up with a situation that lasts: a French teacher, on sick leave since November 2022 , has still not been replaced. She teaches in second and first class.

“A hell of a hole in the schedule”

“My son Léo, who will soon be 16, has not had French lessons since the end of November last year, worries this father. For a time, we were made to understand that there would be no prospect of replacement. The teacher was to be replaced after the Christmas holidays, but the replacement also fell ill. Since then, my son has been waiting. French is still an important subject in second and even more so in first since students take the French baccalaureate. It makes a hell of a hole in the schedule, and no means given to students to make up for lost lessons. It is the great misery of national education, but we are starting to find the time long. »

A recurrent issue

Embarrassed by this continuing situation, the principal of the school Françoise Sandra Conte-Dulong confides to do everything possible to “find a solution quickly”. “It’s quite complicated, but teachers have kindly taken over the interim while waiting for someone to be named,” she explains. A French teacher will provide, from Monday, January 16, two hours of lessons for second-year students. For the moment, we have no date for the replacement of the absent teacher. »

A human resources problem that undermines the proper functioning of establishments. From the start of the school year in September, the tone was set: several subjects found themselves “in tension”, recognized the Toulouse academy (eight departments) which is struggling to replace when there were 4,000 candidates missing for the national education competitions. last year in France.

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Nearly 1,400 contract workers hired

The thousand contract teachers hired at the start of the 2022 school year – 1,350 in total – did not really make it possible to curb the phenomenon. “The academy is encountering certain difficulties in replacing teachers in a few disciplines in letters, English, PE and technology mainly, recently confided the rectorate of Toulouse. It is a problem of personnel breeding ground which today affects recruitment in many sectors in France. For this, the academy has been recruiting contract workers for several months during recruitment meetings but also continuously”. It must be said that the winter period is particularly critical in terms of sick leave.

This was noted recently by the academic secretary of the Snes-FSU Pierre Priouret: “We are entering a critical period, he noted. It will be difficult to replace absent colleagues, especially since the rectorate has almost exhausted the stock of contract workers recruited at the start of the school year. We have reached the gauge of 1,350 hires, which is generally a gauge observed at the end of the year, that is to say. This represents the equivalent of a three-year competition delay. We are very worried about the question of the replacement this winter, it is clear ”.

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