Education: the UNC hosts a conference debates on the educational future of Mali

“As the nation is worth, so much is the education”. It is on the basis of this assertion not the least that the daughters and sons of the prefecture of Mali Yemberin, organized this Saturday, May 14, 2022, a conference debates at the University Nongô Conakary-UNC in the commune of Ratoma.

This meeting in which Doctor Mamadou Cellou SOUARE, Founder of the University Nongo Conakry (UNC) participated, had for objective: the revitalization of the education system of the prefecture of Mali around the theme: Employability, which sector is beneficial for youth, public or private.

The meeting mobilized several daughters and sons of Mali, a prefecture in middle Guinea, former ministers of education, university founders and other guests.

Dispatches: Taban SYLLA-626103972

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