Education system “underfunded”: GEW demands more money

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Education system “underfunded”: GEW demands more money

Stefan Störmer, new state chairman of the GEW education union.

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It has long been demanded that teachers should earn more in the future: the parties in the election campaign before the state elections in Lower Saxony agree on this. However, the GEW union demands even more for education – and issues a warning.

Hannover. Before the state elections in Lower Saxony on October 9, the GEW education union called for investments in education – and warned the parties against making empty promises. The union will observe what the newly elected government will agree on for schools, universities and adult education and how the implementation should proceed, the GEW announced on Friday. Mistakes of the past would have made the employees suspicious. All parties have obviously recognized that the education system has been cut to pieces for many years, said GEW country manager Stefan Störmer.

Many teachers have little confidence in the promise that primary, secondary and secondary school teachers should in future earn the same as a teacher at a grammar school. In the short term, the lack of staff will not be easy to compensate. “Years ago, higher training capacities would have been necessary. At the same time, some young teachers are migrating to other federal states because they find more attractive salary and working conditions there,” warned Störmer.

“If not only the governing parties SPD and CDU, but also the Greens and FDP promise significant investments and possibly quickly forget them after the election day, we will vigorously resist it,” announced Störmer. Although it is to be welcomed that the policy of cuts in education should be abandoned – skepticism remains indicated.

“It’s good when the general shortage of education is finally recognized. But individual measures don’t ensure that the ship is properly made afloat, only that it doesn’t capsize,” he said. “From the day after the state elections, there must be a long-term investment offensive worth billions for Lower Saxony.” Störmer called for more funds for adult education and for universities to be given more money so that more teachers could be trained.

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