Education professionals shout their discontent

Members of the Union of Professionals of the Haute-Côte-Nord (SPPHCN-CSQ) went on strike in the morning, Wednesday, June 9, in front of the administrative offices of the Estuary School Services Center.

They want to show their dissatisfaction with the Quebec government’s proposals on wages and improving working conditions. They also want things to happen at the negotiating table.

“What we are asking the government to do is to be fair with everyone. Yes, we can seek agreements, give more to certain job groups, but this must not be done to the detriment of others, ”says Renée Dufour, president of the SPPHCN-CSQ.

She adds that pedagogical advisers and remedial teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in teaching have applied or could apply to come back because of the agreement with the teachers. “It will be to the detriment of services that will be given to teachers,” she says.

Professional autonomy is also an important element of the demands. Pay equity is not achieved and it is women who are most affected.

Marie-Pier Bérubé-Tremblay, speech therapist at the Estuaire School Services Center, has her ideas on improving working conditions that could attract people. “The workload, the student ratio, the work-family balance is an important issue for me, the recognition of the expertise and the additional studies that are done. There is also the professional order membership which is on the table, ”she said.

“Speech therapist on the North Shore means serving 21 schools, 4,500 elementary school children. We go zero to secondary school, it is not because they have no needs or difficulties, it is a heartbreaking choice. It means mileage, students waiting and students who never have services. It means giving priority to priority, ”says Ms. Bérubé-Tremblay.

We are worried about the future of the students if the services remain like this. We are not able to attract professionals to the public network, which is where the majority of students in Quebec are. What we are asking the government to do is to recognize our expertise, our profession and the importance of our services.

Marie-Pier Bérubé-Tremblay

“It’s important to be here today, because the school is not just teachers, it’s also professionals. So improving working conditions, improving retention and attracting workers is important for us too, because professionals come to support teachers in public schools to provide services and help with educational success, ”explains Rémi Therriault. , president of the Haute-Côte-Nord Teaching Union.

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The walkout took place under a Christmas theme, to highlight that members are wondering if they should still believe in Santa Claus and the election promises.

Education professionals work in the administrative, educational and direct student services sectors. These include remedial teachers, psychoeducators, analysts and guidance counselors.

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