Education – Mathematics Matura turned out better this year

According to the results currently available, 11.4 percent of the work in the general secondary schools (AHS) was graded with a five, in the vocational secondary schools (BHS) it was 9 percent. That is well below the values ​​that had been recorded in previous years and which certainly caused discussion at the time. In the previous year, around 21 percent of the Matura theses at the AHS were rated “Insufficient”.

According to Faßmann, more “Very Good” were also achieved, with AHS leading the way with 24.1 percent. In the BHS, 13.6 percent of the students achieved a A. Speaking of making it: How many will ultimately pass the math matriculation exam is still open. Because those high school graduates who have a “not sufficient” and who cannot compensate for this even with the annual grade – which is also included in the second Corona year – they still have to take the compensation test.

The current evaluation is based on a response rate from the schools of 87 (AHS) and 70 percent (BHS). If you take the annual grade into account, the proportion of five is reduced. This is 7.4 percent in grammar schools and five percent in vocational schools, as Martina Frebort, the head of psychometric procedures in the Ministry of Education, explained. One can assume that the quota will be reduced significantly again after the upcoming exams, she emphasized.

According to the minister, the better grades are due to the partly new system. After the “noticeable” results of the past few years, the advisory group he set up revised the Matura. For example, the number of points to be awarded has been reduced. In addition, there are less text-heavy tasks or have these been formulated better, as was assured: “The language has become clearer and simpler.”

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The range of tasks in terms of content has also increased. “This makes mathematics more attractive,” said the head of department with conviction. According to his own statements, he feels confirmed that he has newly appointed the committee responsible for the task. “That earned me a lot of bad defamation. But I think it was necessary. The overhaul has paid off.” It is based on the expertise of an advisory group headed by the Vienna university professor Michael Eichmair.

“Now the narrative of the given Matura will be loud,” stated the education minister. But Faßmann protested that the Matura had not become any easier. If you believe this, he recommends downloading the examples and doing the math. Eichmair was also convinced that it was a demanding test. However, he found, the quality of teaching had also improved since the annual grade was included.

This was done for the first time in the previous year due to the corona. This year, however, a serious change was made in this context. In any case, 30 percent of the exam examples had to be calculated. In 2020 there was no such minimum. Quite a few pupils then decided to hand in a blank sheet of paper – as they were positive anyway based on their annual grade. The change that has now been made has also resulted in the grades being distributed more evenly this year, it said.

According to Faßmann, it cannot be ascertained that the extraordinary conditions of this year – with home schooling and little face-to-face teaching – have had a significant impact on the school leaving examination: “There is no corona effect.” What there were, however, are students who were unable to take the exam because they fell ill with Covid or were in quarantine. There will be alternative dates for these.

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