Education in Kamp-Lintfort

Education in Kamp-Lintfort
High school students teach elementary school students and learn a lot

At the end of the internship, ten Georg Forster high school students received certificates of successful project participation.

Beaming faces at the end of the project “High school students teach elementary school students”: Michael Becker, branch manager of Sparda Bank West, and headmaster Alexander Winzen presented ten young people from the Georg-Forster-Gymnasium with the certificates for successful participation in this variant of the student internship.

In the self-study center of the grammar school, the students reflected on their experiences during the internship in a relaxed discussion. “I got a completely different perspective on the teaching profession, it’s more diverse and strenuous than I thought. But it’s fun to explain something to younger children.” Paul and Beatrice, two of the junior teachers, agree on that. “Teaching isn’t for me, I’m too weak-hearted for that,” Emily said. “But I still found the internship to be enriching: Now I clearly know that teaching is not my thing.” Michael Becker from Sparda Bank commented: “Up to now I have not known of any comparable project that is so diverse and that acts as a multiplier for all schoolchildren, elementary school students like high school students, serves. In addition, it gives young people a very good impression of the teaching profession.” The funds from Sparda Bank West are used, for example, to purchase safety goggles and lab coats or the materials for the various experiments and cooperative games.

Renate Seidel, project manager and teacher for physics and chemistry, draws a positive conclusion: “Almost all young people from this group reported back to us that they would actually like to do their next student internship as part of the GuG project again. We see that as a success – even if we can only offer it for the nines, because only their internship lasts two weeks.” Headmaster Alexander Winzen said: “For many fourth graders, the GuG project is the first direct contact to the grammar school. Apparently, this first contact works wonderfully.”

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