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On August 4, Mr. Simón Pinto, legislative researcher for “Acción Educar”, in his column says that article No. 36 of the proposed new Constitution is nebulous and leaves subsidized private educational establishments unprotected, which represent the 54% of educational enrollment, in addition to questioning the financing of the educational system proposed in the new Constitution for this type of educational establishment. He grotesquely indicates what a teacher supposedly said to him: “Why was it decided not to give guarantees to my students, if in the end they are going to be harmed?”

If Mr. Pinto himself says that we must be rigorous, then he should have responded to the teacher that in the same article No. 36 points No. 1: “The National Education System is made up of establishments and institutions of preschool, basic , middle and higher, created or recognized by the State. It is articulated under the principle of collaboration and has as its center the learning experience of the students”, and No. 8: “The State must finance this System in a permanent, direct, pertinent and sufficient way through basal contributions, at in order to fully and equitably comply with the aims and principles of education”.

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It would be convenient (if you want to be really rigorous and honest), for Mr. Pinto to say directly that he does not like a social and democratic State of rights, and prefers to continue with a subsidizing State, which promotes segregation and privileges market rights over on human rights, because for him clearly education is a consumer good and not a human right.

Marion Cubillos M.

National Director Association of Officials of the Ministry of Education

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