Education has been and will be part of the education process – Tatyana Vasilyeva

The topics of the “reset” of pedagogical universities and the demand for the teaching profession were discussed by the participants of the round table “Pedagogical universities – agents of progressive changes in education” in the press center of the Russia Today media group, the Ministry of Education of Russia reports.

During the round table, the Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Tatyana Vasilyeva, named the main tasks for the development of Russian education to make Russia one of the ten best school systems in the world and create conditions for the development and self-determination of every inhabitant of the country.

She noted that it is important to create conditions for quality education for every Russian schoolchild, preschooler and college student, regardless of place of residence, and the main role here belongs to the teacher.

“It is the teacher who works and will work in the new conditions that are being created within the framework of the national project Education. It is the teacher who will use the new equipment that comes to school today. It is the teacher who shapes and educates our young people today, future citizens of the Russian Federation, and, of course, teacher training is the number one task,” said Tatyana Vasilyeva.

The Deputy Minister of Education stressed that the issues of education lie at the heart of pedagogical activity.

“A feature of pedagogical education is its practice-oriented, psychological and pedagogical orientation, the issues of education in this component are the basis of any activity. Consistency of pedagogical methods, ways, order of conducting a lesson is always at the heart of pedagogical education, and education cannot be pulled out of this part of the work in any case: education has always been, will be and remains part of the education process, ”explained Tatyana Vasilyeva.

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She noted that pedagogical education should “correspond to modern education at school, the school way of life”, as well as those scientific and technological achievements of modern science that underlie any scientific knowledge.

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