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As is well known, education has its price, but for some municipalities it becomes too expensive in the long run: After the municipality of Tutzing had already given their grammar school to the district in the previous year, the Starnberg city council is now also considering whether to assume responsibility for material expenses for the secondary school of Rheinlandstraße no better to transfer to the district office on January 1, 2023. The advantage would be: According to managing director Ludwig Beck, Starnberg would effectively have to pay less for maintenance, repairs, renovations and countless other items. In addition, personnel capacities would be freed up. Disadvantage: The already lush district levy would in all probability increase, and the city would have to give up its property without compensation or any compensation for investments.

From a legal point of view, the requirements are clear: According to the Bavarian School Financing Act, the districts are responsible for grammar schools. However, for historical reasons and also for reasons of prestige, the Starnberger Gymnasium is part of the city’s administrative expenses. Although the district has always contributed to the investment costs for the school in accordance with the new funding guidelines since 2015, the city still has a considerable share of its own. The administration expects an annual deficit including personnel costs of around 350,000 euros. In addition, a general renovation is pending, which, according to an initial rough estimate, should cost around two million euros: classrooms, drainage, lower step courtyard and paving have to be renewed.

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At the city council’s meeting on Thursday, the city administration’s move aroused mixed feelings. “All rational reasons speak for it”, said Otto Gaßner (UWG), “all emotional ones against”. According to reports, after initial discussions with representatives of the school management and parents, resistance to taking over the school by the district is not to be expected, provided that this does not result in a deterioration in quality. Although handing over the school to the district had been discussed several times in previous years, the committee was initially unable to make a decision. In addition to consultations in the parliamentary groups, the city administration is now to work out in negotiations with the district how the transfer of material costs would actually look like. The negotiations are possibly conducted by Mayor Patrick Janik himself: the lawyer had accompanied the handover of the Tutzinger grammar school on behalf of the municipality last year. The city council will deal with the matter again in the autumn.


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