One of the three pillars of the PJC is that education: “Education is our future” – education is a complex, differently defined term, which can be understood as a measure of the correspondence of a person’s personal knowledge and worldview with reality.

The PJC lays the foundation for a healthy basis for endless educational opportunities for children and young people. Because the nice thing is that you never stop learning.

One of the three pillars of the PJC is that Culture: “Tradition and customs are not only our roots, they also stand for community and solidarity.” – Learning, dancing, celebrating, eating, drinking, meeting – none of this has anything to do with religion, but with an attitude towards life. This positive intergenerational and above all interreligious philosophy will be reflected in the cultural offers of the PJC.

One of the three pillars of the PJC is the Sport: “It is not important how big the first step is, but in which direction it goes.” A highlight of the PJC is the approximately 600 m², ultra-modern, multifunctional gymnasium. This is used for school sports lessons, for sports groups as well as for sports tournaments with Berlin schools and sports clubs – because sport connects people!

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