Education: Children experience an exciting environment day in the Müritzeum

More than 650 enthusiastic students moved from station to station on the grounds of the adventure center in Waren an der Müritz.


The children’s environment day of the Müritzeum was celebrated on Wednesday around the Herrensee by about 33 school classes with about 668 children and their teachers. The boys and girls could try out 20 different stations, learn new things and have fun.

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Beekeeper introduces his hobby to children

Bernd Ehlert, a 68-year-old hobby beekeeper, gave the kids an insight into the kingdom of a bee colony. Although he is retired, he still likes to share his knowledge about insects and is even active as a consultant for the “Imkerverein Waren (Müritz)” e. V. and informs interested parties about his hobby. At the same place, the little ones enthusiastically made beeswax candles.

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life in the water

The kindergarten and school children were also enthusiastic about the crustaceans and aquatic animals, about which Daniel Fälchle and David Nadstawek from Müritzeum had a lot to tell. The small water creatures could be observed in containers with water. Anyone who wanted to take a closer look took a look into the microscope, under which a mosquito larva lay.

Bearskin to touch

At the “Bärenwald Müritz” stand, there was a bear skin, a replica skull, claws and a lot more to admire and, above all, to feel. Many children took the opportunity to touch Master Petz’ fur. When does an opportunity like this ever come up…

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Many partners

This successful day is not only thanks to the employees of the Müritzeum, but also to numerous supporters such as the Waren volunteer fire brigade and over 20 other partners. The “Stadtwerke Waren” provided food and refreshments for the boys and girls with drinks and the “Mecklenburger Backstuben” with delicious quark bread. The Wogewa contributed sweets and small gifts as rewards for participating in various activities.

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