Education brings together the center directors who are starting this course in office in Huelva

The territorial delegate for Education and Sports, Estela Villalba, has met with the directors starting this year in office and with those who did so last year, to inform them about their main functions and the channels of communication with the heads of the Delegation’s services.

The delegate has shown her availability to clarify any questions that may arise, help them in the management of educational centers, support them in the dissemination of good educational practices or “for any other aspect in our field of competence”.

“You, the directors, are the ones who know, first-hand, the needs of the educational community and, in this sense, those who best convey the concerns and problems that arise in educational centers ”, stressed Villalba. “Now,” he continued, “more than ever, you have shown your involvement with teaching, contributing your effort to offer a quality educational system, a common goal for the entire community.”

It has highlighted the effort that the Ministry is making to bet on a significant methodological change, which involves an improvement of educational infrastructures, with a budget of more than 17 million euros, an investment in bioclimatization of 11.2 million, the digitization of the centers, with 13,242 laptops delivered in the province of Huelva, which, added to the more than 7,000 last year, will help to reduce the digital gap for students in vulnerable situations, thanks to the agreement Educate in Digital that the Board has signed with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

The territorial delegate for Education and Sports has made progress that will continue to regular meetings with educational representatives to continue advancing in the improvement of education in the province, “thus facilitating continuous dialogue and the exchange of impressions about the operation of our centers.”


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