Education and bullying are the most popular topics in Muscovites’ appeals in 2021

Last year, residents of the capital most often turned to the capital’s ombudsman on topics related to education and child bullying. Tatyana Potyaeva, Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow, spoke about this at the Rossiya Segodnya press center.

“In 2021, Muscovites most often applied with educational problems. There were 718 such requests in total. In 50% of cases, the townspeople were worried about the admission of a child to an educational institution, including preschool. Often requests came from New Moscow, from the Trinity District. The rest of the appeals on the topic of education concerned distance learning. Muscovites focused on the problems of deteriorating health of children: great tension, sleep disturbances, anxiety, deterioration of vision during prolonged work on the computer,” the ombudswoman noted.

She drew attention to the fact that quite often there were requests from large families. Parents were worried about providing their children with the gadgets they needed for learning.

“In addition, there were often issues related to bullying in educational institutions, when the guys spread rot and offend their classmate. On all requests, we worked very closely with the Department of Education of the city of Moscow. Many issues were resolved in favor of the parents,” Tatyana Potyaeva emphasized.

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